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No Fear of Pandemic! People Celebrating New Years Eve Party in Goa Without Masks

No Fear of Pandemic
No Fear of Pandemic in Goa

There were no Social Distancing or Masks people used during the New Years’ Eve Party celebration in the various places in Goa the videos and pictures went viral on the various Social media platforms. While the night curfew was imposed across the country in most of the cities including Delhi, Mumbai and Bangaluru Goa showed no signs of Pandemic and the visuals of the night parties went viral on social media. 

There is no doubt that the hospitality industry has already operational with almost full capacity in Goa but at the same time wearing masks and maintaining social distancing is mandatory in the state but the New Years Even parties organized across the state have seemed to have broken all the rules this time. 

Several videos and pictures of party revelers went viral on various social media platforms. The images and video clips posted by the party-goers themselves and shared by many who were horrified by the callousness of partygoers spotted without masks in crowded venues.  

There seems to be no fear amongst the people locals as well the tourists about the consequences of not wearing the masks and maintaining the social distancing. This is despite reports from November which said that the fine for not wearing masks in public places in Goa has been doubled from Rs 100 to Rs 200.

Meanwhile, on the eve of the New Year, the state health minister also tweeted about night curfew is likely to be imposed in the state tagging the CM of Goa Dr. Pramod Sawant but that did not made any effect on the party-goers. Nevertheless, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant said that he has not taken any decision on the night curfew as yet. The Health Minister, however, did not specify when its implementation is likely to start. 

Meanwhile, the cases of Covid-19 is declining in the state. As per the latest reports, thirty-seven passengers out of 979, who traveled from the UK from December 9 till the midnight of December 22, tested positive for Covid-19 in Goa. The state government awaits reports from Pune’s National Institute of Virology for confirmation of the mutant strain among the Covid-19 positive passengers.

The pandemic had affected the tourism industry in Goa very badly and as a result, there were no foreign tourists seen around in Goa this year. 

According to the reports, Goa witnessed perhaps the worst tourist season with international chartered flights canceled, beach shacks wearing empty looks, and local businesses like taxi and bike rentals, dependent on this industry, suffering a body blow.


The coronavirus-induced has cost the state’s tourism industry Rs 1,000 crore in earnings, Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry said. A report by the state tourism department and a private consultancy firm said Goa’s tourism industry may have suffered the loss of between Rs 2,000 to Rs 7,200 crore and job losses in the range of 35 percent to 58 percent due to the pandemic.

This is not the first time Goa has drawn criticism for failing to follow Covid protocols. A few weeks ago, a video of singer Lucky Ali’s impromptu gig in Goa had gone viral. Ali is seen performing in front a huge audience, who were visibly mesmerized and enchanted by his soothing voice. While people on the Internet are having their fan moment after seeing their favorite singer after a long time, some of them have raised legit concerns. The audience at Lucky Ali’s gig is seen huddled together, with no face masks or social distancing in the scene.

(With inputs from New 18) 

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