Your Search For Great Steaks Ends at Prime Rose!

if you are craving a good steak in Goa, look no further, Prime Rose in Sangolda specializes in steaks and other beef delicacies. Located right on the main Sangolda road, it’s hard to miss this one.

Goa’s Hospitality Industry is Booming with 70% Occupancy During Off Season

Giving it a very positive start at the beginning of the off-season in Goa, which begins in June, the stared hotels across the state have registered whopping seventy percent occupancy rate which is the highest of all time for the non-peak season.

Food Pairing, What’s That?

Food pairing theory is the idea that the more aromatic compounds two foods have in common, the better they will taste together.

Chef Sunit Sharma – There Are No Cultural and Religious Barriers To Food

Chef Sunit Sharma boasts a humble and down-to-earth personality. His journey of two decades in the culinary world has given him enough opportunities to become a celebrity chef

Top 5 Healthiest Oils to Cook With

These days one is really spoilt for choices as far as choosing a healthy option for cooking oil. For cooking oil, you have to be very careful about its smoke point



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The ICON Called Joseph Bar!

When talking of Taverns, Joseph Bar is indeed one of the most iconic taverns of Goa and in fact, Joseph Bar alone has been responsible for putting itself as well as other taverns on a global map.

Try These Goan Signature Dishes on Your Next Trip to Goa

Goa is known for its mouthwatering cuisine and exotic spirits at its purest state and that is what makes Goa unique in its own style.

Incredible Goa Food & Hospitality February 2022

Incredible Goa Food & Hospitality Volume 1 - Issue 1 February 2022 Issue is the launch issue of the Magazine. You can read the full issue online free here...


Alila Diwa Goa Becomes The First Hotel To Install...

By setting up a bottling plant Alila Diwa demonstrates a commitment to being responsible members of the host communities by stepping gently on the environment.

Vivo La Brunch; An immersive experience at Alila Diwa...

Alila Diwa, a 5-star Hyatt property in Majorda, South Goa, has come up with a conceptualised Sunday brunching experience called Vivo La Brunch spread across the Vivo Restaurant & Vivo Lawns at their property.

Smaller Hotels In Goa Suffered Pandemic Pinch May Not...

With the lifting of several restrictions from the Tourism sector by the State Government,...

Now Passengers will be Allowed to Carry only one...

Airlines will have to depute staffs to check and verify the number of bags carried by each passenger before allowing the to proceed through the check point.

Eat These Food Items to Keep Yourself Away From...

The common cold and cough always come as a free package with winter seasons every year, eating the right food items is the mantra to keep yourself safe from common cold, cough and Covid19

Planet Hollywood Beach Resort, Goa Is Now Fully Covid-19 Compliant

Returning to your beautiful room and plush white sheets after a wholesome day of...

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7 Spices That Help In Weight loss

spices add texture and flavour to your dishes but did you know some spices also help in increasing your metabolic rate. Here are 7 spices that are perfect if you are trying to lose weight

The Factors That Influencing Tourism and Hospitality Industries

The tourism and hospitality industries were the most affected during the covid pandemic but there are some positive effects also on these sectors and this article is all about that.

IHCL Promotes Vincent Ramos to The Position of Senior Vice President of Goa Region

After serving as an Area Director for almost five years and generating the outstanding results in his domain Mr Vincent Ramos was elevated to the position of Senior Vice President - Goa by IHCL Management.

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