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Hidden Treasure “Secret Island” Indian Single-Malt Launched 

Secret Island

Next time you think of splurging the big buck, pick the “Secret Island Indian single-malt whisky” at a price tag of Rs 4200/- in Goa for a 700ml decanter bottle with 46% alcohol strength which is at a high degree than leading world’s Scothes. With excellent super premium leisurely aged malts, the liquid quality has gone up higher than one would have imagined!

International Women’s Day: luxurious ‘Secret Island’ may be the best gift idea to spoil all the women in your life. A single malt with delicious aromas mixed with a whiff of chocolate is the perfect drink to help her unwind at the end of a long day.

Led by Liquor magnate Dr Mohan Krishna Balivada, the Cheers group launched the Secret Island Single Malt in a magnificent decanter, a delight for the senses and a joy for the whisky-drinking experience.

Let the drama unfold with the exquisite Secret Island Single-malt whisky finely engineered decanter.  Designed perfectly, holds one bottle of 700 ml of whisky as per international standards, with its wide base and asymmetrical spout for optimal aeration and precise, easy pouring. The crystal-style piece is as visually stunning as it is functional. In addition to its increased surface area, the Secret Island boasts a longer neck and that creates a more dramatic effect when pouring whisky into the glass.

“We kick off our series of decanter stories with the ground-breaking heritage of excellence in single malt whisky making which is incredibly special,” says Ashwin Balivada, Executive Director, Cheers group.

The Secret Island show-stopping decanter looks like a combination of fine art and magical bliss. For the home entertainer, this unusual decanter can’t be beaten for its conversation of the whole whisky experience.

“Beyond a doubt, the Secret Island decanter is a sophisticated and luxurious masterwork of the glass art design. And, finding the perfect decanter for life’s special celebrations is crucial,” opines Ashwin.

Transform life’s most important celebrations into events fit for royalty with the divinely inspired Secret Island decanter. Give your table an instant upgrade and take your guest’s breath away with the pinnacle of sophistication and sparkling luxury.

“We scoured the globe for procuring a masterpiece like the Secret Island decanter. After a long and careful search, we found the few glass artists left with the skills to create a spectacular decanter this balanced, beautiful and functional,” says Dr Divya Balivada, Global Creative Director, Cheers group.

With a handcrafted, museum-quality art piece this gorgeous on your table, you’ll never fail to impress. The moment friends and family see the Secret Island decanter’s lovely curves they’ll feel special. They’ll pick it up and take a closer look. Conversations start to flow, laughter fills the air. And, everyone creates beautiful memories together.

“We worked closely with identifying different types of imported oak barrels for ageing the spirit with triple maturation process giving it the smooth refining taste which made this Secret Island single malt whisky so unique,” adds Ashwin.

The Secret Island decanter comes with an element of surprise: the gentle curvature of the base amplifies the sculptural quality of the Craftworks. Absolutely, a  great whisky at a stunning price — escape to ‘Secret Island’. Cheers!

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