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The Legendary ‘Kadamba’ Liquid-Gold Indian Single Malt Launched!

Kadamba Whiskey

Inspired by a passion for tradition, and crafted with a desire for perfection, born as a tribute to the ‘Kadamba’ dynasty, which ruled for 300 years and was termed as Golden Age of Goa. The story of ‘Kadamba’ single-malt is unlike any other whisky, and so began the story of a remarkable whisky.

Over the decades, ‘Kadamba’ single-malt glorified blenders have collected and stored malt spirits of immense quality and distinction. The angel spirit vanishes silently from these liquids that lie in wooden casks, ageing, maturing, patiently waiting for the moment they are ready to make a mark, and that’s Kadamba!

No one does single malt whisky like Cheers group–India’s luxury spirits conglomerate, and ‘Kadamba’ the latest, leisurely aged Indian single-malt is nothing short of spectacular. The classic, earthy peat notes are balanced with a touch of salty Goan ocean breeze, it’s a smooth, warm blend that allows all the flavours to dance synchronously.

With the rise of Indian single malts, a new generation of whisky enthusiasts has emerged. With the sales booming, Indian whisky brands have proved themselves in the global beverage industry. Earlier, trips outside of India meant for a mandatory duty-free whisky run, but now, you can get great quality, tasty ones right at your doorstep and ‘Kadamba’ Indian single-malt is the right bet!

Kadamba is worth all its hype. With a complex, thickly oaked scent, this whisky is ideal for whisky lovers who prefer malty and more delicate flavours. With a full-blown peaty palate, it has a slight sherry trifle note that balances the oaky vanilla and fruit flavours. It has a great spice finish and a unique mouthfeel. The flavours cascade for a long finish instead of lying down, creating a surprise ending that will leave you saying “Woah!”

Kadamba is expertly distilled at the most coveted and sought-after distillery of Cheers group, found close to the historical town of ‘Kadamba’ in North Goa, is a phenomenal single malt whisky. It is one of the few triple-cask matured whiskies in the world and is the perfect symbol of royalty. It’s like a hidden gem, a whisky that surprises us all with its complexity and glory.

The Kadambas ruled Goa for around 300 years. During the reign of the Kadamba dynasty which ruled from the early 11th century, Goa took shape as a district political entity for the first time and it was a time of unprecedented stability and wealth known as Goa’s Golden Age.

Some of the Single-malt whiskies produced by the Cheers group are on par with international standards and have sometimes scored higher than their Scottish counterparts in blind tastings. This is not something that has happened by chance, this has been achieved by multiple experiments and evolution over the last several years under the expert guidance from the Cheers group founder Dr Mohan Krishna, having years of passion and audacity, is well-known in the global whisky industry and also has the distinction of being the ‘world’s first liquor marketing Doctorate’.

“Single malt aficionados will relish the royalty and unique history of the ‘Kadamba’ that’s gently peated, an untraditional processed single malt to release a sophisticated smokiness that adds extra depth to its flavour,” says Ashwin Balivada,  Executive Director,  Cheers group.

“Matured in European oak and bourbon casks, the presence of peat and coastal air in Kadamba Indian single-malt is undeniable. We’re especially drawn to the smooth, peaty finish, which reviewers across the board concede is – utterly delicious” says Dr Divya Balivada, Global Creative Director, Cheers Group.

Cheers group has also marked India’s welcome foray into the world of single malts, which has for long been the domain of Scots. The ‘Kadamba ‘ is a vintage single malt released from a selection of the most exceptional casks. This uniquely aged single-malt taste can never be replicated and is now released in limited volumes.

One of the most primo homegrowns to come out of the country, Kadamba single-malt is truly a world-class peated. Priced at Rs 2200/- for a 750ml 3D cut-glass effect decanter bottle available exclusively across the wine stores and high-end bars in Goa is a treat of royalty. Cheers!

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