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Experience The Kodava Trail with Chef Anjali Ganapathy at Spice Studio, Alila Diwa Goa

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The Spice Studio situated at the Alila Diwa Goa has a beautiful dining experience called The Kodava Trail curated specially for you by Chef Anjali Ganapathy on the 12th and 13th of November.  

Spice Studio, the homestyle coastal restaurant at Alila Diwa Goa invites you to come and explore the land of the Kodavas, with a bespoke dining experience, featuring a meal curated by Chef Anjali Ganapathy, Founder – Pigout A Coorg Kitchen Story and Chef Pradeep Rao, Executive Chef at Alila Diwa Goa. 

The menu offers delectable options for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes with the rich authentic flavours of Coorg. 

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Some of the must-tries are Koli Nallamallu Barthad (chicken in roasted spices) and Kaime Unde (mince cutlets), in appetizers followed by mains that include Kakkada Njende Curry (mud crab), Erachi Curry (mutton) and the classic Pandi Curry (pork), paired with accompaniments Akki otti, Kadambutt, and Paaputtu. No meal is complete without the luxurious Kodava Erachi pulao and desserts, which include Khus Khus Payasa, Koovale Puttu or Bale Nuruk.

Chef Anjali Ganapathy and Chef Pradeep Rao, with the team of Spice Studio, bring you flavours from a Coorg kitchen. With fresh seafood, meats, roasted spices and kachampulli, coming together seamlessly on a plate, we invite you to a unique dining experience. 


Spice Studio, Alila Diwa Goa, 48/10, Adao Waddo, Village Majorda, Salcette, South Goa

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For Dinners – 11th to 13th November | 7.30 pm onward

Special Lunch Trail on Saturday 12th November | 12.30 pm

For table reservations call: +91 +91 91588 96997 / 8322746800

Team FNH
Team FNH
Food & Hospitality Team works day and night to get you some of the best culinary experiences from across the state of Goa. If you wish to get featured into this portal, please share your details at [email protected]

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