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Cape Goa – The Perfect Romantic Getaway!

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I visited the insanely beautiful Cape Goa in Cabo De Rama – a romantic resort that hugs the rocky hillside, overlooking the ocean. In the unlikely event that you haven’t heard of Cape Goa, I can bet you’d have definitely spotted their iconic gateway on Instagram as most travellers and influencers make it a point to travel here just for that one epic photograph!


Cape Goa is very close to the Cabo de Rama Fort, and about 20 minutes away from the more popular tourist areas of Agonda and Palolem. You should be able to get a taxi from anywhere in Goa (it may cost you an arm and a leg) or be able to drive up in your own vehicle with ease. Since public transport is scarce in Goa, and more so in the South, driving up to the Cape by yourself would be your best bet. It is a beautiful drive, by the way!

Apart from the Cabo De Rama Fort, there isn’t anything to see in the vicinity. The resort is surrounded by bare, rocky hills and plains. This is why the property is best suited to serenity seekers, and less so for families in search of the next thing to do.

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The minute you approach the Cape, you instantly know that paradise is waiting on the other side. With the entrance framing the sky, sea and palms beyond, it’s literally like walking into a vacation! If only it was that easy to step into holiday mode every time.

The Cape Goa 1


Cape Goa enjoys an absolutely incredible location, guaranteeing some great sunsets! Offering dramatic views of the sea and palm trees cascading down the hillside, there’s not an inch of the property that won’t take your breath away! It is one of Goa’s most romantic hideaways and one of the best resorts in the south – perched on the hillside between sea and sky, with picture-postcard views in every direction.

Unlike most luxury hotels in Goa, this one doesn’t have well-manicured lawns, a huge swimming pool, a posh reception and all the frills that come with a five-star property. But given the sumptuous rooms boasting of an incomparable panorama of the coastline, combined with impeccable hospitality, this magical property features on most bucket lists, captivating offbeat luxury travellers.

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The property is divided into 2 sections, with two beautiful entrances – one leading to the restaurant and one to the resort. While there is a connecting route between the hotel and the restaurant in the middle, it is guarded at both ends by security guards – so only hotel guests are allowed on the hotel premises. The restaurant is open for all.

Something you should also know is that the Cape – both restaurant and hotel have several rocky steps that you will need to climb. And if you’re a hotel guest, expect to make several trips up and down to your room and to the restaurant for meals. So if you’re shaky on your feet or have weak knees, you may want to park yourself in your fabulous room and order room service


You’ll be torn between sitting on the deck and enjoying the view, or heading indoors to enjoy the plush comfort that Cape Goa rooms offer! With a jacuzzi on the deck of every room, large wooden chairs, a table, and two beach beds to lie on and gaze up at the stars at night – it’ll take you the entire duration of your stay to believe that this is real life!

Sliding glass doors lead you to your room that boasts of a California king bed, powerful air-conditioning, TV, and tasteful wooden furniture – a dining table, a work desk and chair, a divan, and wardrobe – a beautiful amalgamation of old-world charm, modern luxury and beach-side calm.

The Cape Goa 3

But wait, if you thought that the deck or the room were the highlights of the stay, you ain’t seen nothing yet! The bathroom is where it’s at! Spacious, with a touch of wilderness, half the bathroom had a thatched roof while the other half was open to the sky. It had a tree growing through it, lots of plants, both inside and out, wall decor made with sticks, rocks jutting out of the walls, and a pebble-lined patch to stand on while you shower! The side of the bathroom that is by the shower has glass windows from end to end – and mustering the courage to shower by the window can take a few minutes! But don’t worry, once you’re under the shower, watching the birds and squirrels in the trees and the view of the horizon, will send a thrill down your spine, make you forget your inhibitions and leave you feeling so refreshed!

That evening, I followed the steps down, passed a few other villas, down to a sleepy beach, occupied by a couple of friendly dogs who accompany you as you walk in the surf. It is barely half a kilometre long, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in serenity!

Relaxation is the name of the game at The Cape – sleep, eat, drink, soak in the jacuzzi, walk on the beach and relax – there’s nothing more to do, which was great because that’s exactly what I needed after a year of overworking myself. I headed back down to the beach early the next morning for about half an hour, before heading back and grabbing a coffee in the jacuzzi!


The room closest to the ocean is the spa and the only regret I have is that I didn’t pamper myself with what could have been a very relaxing massage with a view! A day’s stay was too short to enjoy a spa sesh. And given the choice between enjoying the sunset from the deck outside my room with a cup of tea, and a massage, I’d choose the former!

The Cape Goa 2


​​Whether you’re staying at The Cape Goa or not, you can take in the cerulean blue sea from the restaurant – which is something most people visiting Cabo de Rama do. Day or night, the restaurant is abuzz with activity. Given that it is almost always full to capacity, the staff manage the restaurant with ease. Service is attentive and quick. I tried the Malai chicken tikka and Blue Cheese Salad on the afternoon that I checked in to the hotel on. I’d recommend choosing items from the Continental section of the menu during your stay. Oh yes, and needless to say, breakfast at The Cape Goa is complimentary with your stay.

If you’d ask me whether a stay here is worth the price, I’d say it’s definitely something you need to experience once in a lifetime – whether on a milestone birthday, an anniversary, honeymoon or a well-deserved treat to yourself. Keep in mind – this is not a hotel you go to if you’re looking for adventure and family entertainment. It’s a hotel for rest, relaxation, spa treatments, and leisure. My time here was over in the blink of an eye, so it’s nice to simply slow down and relish every moment.

By Jade Dsa

Images by Jade Dsa

Team FNH
Team FNH
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