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Best Places in Goa Where You Can Explore Topsy-Turvy Nightlife

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Holidays in Goa are on the travel wish list of every travel enthusiast. Unspoiled golden-line beaches, exotic nightlife, great atmosphere, great drinks. Amazing nightlife makes Goa one of the best places to visit with your friends and family. 

Stunning psytrance and raves are still going on, but these days Goa’s nightlife has something for everyone, no matter what style of music you go for.

The beaches of Goa are a paradise for party heads and people who want to relax during their vacation. Experiencing Goa’s legendary nightlife is something not to be missed when visiting Goa, but it does require a little research and planning to ensure you’re in the right place at the right time.

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Today’s article has got you some of these venues that feature the best Indian and foreign DJs, offer great food and drink, and host events you’ll never forget. Are tunes exciting? isn’t it? Let’begin then!

1. Club 9 Bar

Bar 9  is famous for its psychedelic parties in Goa. Book this package for two with Thrillophilia and party at this legendary beachfront open club, the perfect spot for any psytrance lover, because the party doesn’t stop until late at night. You can also enjoy Vagator Beach.

With amazing outdoor dancing at Vagator Beach on a white sand beach it was worth trying. The DJ is a fantastic feature that is mainly focused on loving the music collection.

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 The package starts at INR 1000 (club entry fee; the insurance amount is reimbursed for drinks, beverages and meals in the club lounge).  This place is located in Vagator, North Goa. Located at a distance of 6. Located 4 km from Baga beach, you can easily reach the place by public or private transport.

2. The Hilltop Goa 

The Hill Top is one of the most famous and entertaining trance party destinations in Goa. It’s covered in palm trees and lit up with crazy lights. The whole neon party vibe isn’t the only reason it’s so popular with trance lovers, It’s the fact that they have some of the best musical talent and even international DJs who spin music here sometimes  24 hours a day.

Founded by Steve and Starling D’Souza in 1974, it has retained Goa’s 1960s hippie vibe and is a popular spot for many clubbers and party enthusiasts. Discover upcoming music events in Hill Top, Goa, from club performances to music festivals.

Hilltop Festival is another reason why you should visit this party place in Goa in February. Then some of the best national and international artists play their sets here. The Christmas and New Year holidays are also a big problem, with tickets selling out a month in advance and thousands flocking here to relax.

3. Tito’s lane Baga

Tito’s Lane on popular Baga Beach is Goa’s most famous nightclub area. Tito’s Lane is packed with nightclubs, bars, pubs, restaurants, tattoo parlours and souvenir shops showcasing the latest Bollywood and commercial hits.

Tito’s nightclub is one of the top things to do in Goa for most tourists.

With a wide range of Indian and international DJs lighting up the dance stage and excellent food and drink on offer, Tito’s has carved its position in stone as one of Goa’s iconic nightclubs. Located just 18 km from Goa’s capital, Panaji, the nightclub is easily accessible by both public and private transport. In recent years, Tito’s has evolved from a simple nightclub to its open-air restaurant called The Courtyard and a new cafe called Mambo Cafe.

Tito’s nightclub also offers the possibility of organising private parties on its first floor, dedicated entirely to private parties.

Visit Cocktails and Dreams, Cape Town Café, the legendary Tito’s and its sister club Café Mambo. At Tito’s, entry and drinks are free for ladies every night!

4. Club Cubana, Arpora

Club Cubana is one of the best nightclubs not only in Goa but in all of Asia! Located between Baga and Anjuna on Arpora Hill, this huge, multi-level open-air nightclub is known as “Nightclub in Heaven”.

If you are looking for something stylish then Club Cubana is the perfect place for party lovers to spend the night as you have never had such an experience in North Goa.

Club Cubana is a disco in the sky high in the hills of Arpora with different levels including a swimming pool. Goa is the hub of music lovers and most of them find their home at Club Cubana. The club has indoor and outdoor seating. Enjoy the best music ever, especially trance, with the live DJ and spend an incredible evening with your partner. You can also sit near the pool and enjoy your drinks.

Club Cubana has numerous dance floors and varied music, elegant chill-out areas under twinkling lights and even a swimming pool. The cover charge includes unlimited drinks, so it’s sure to be a great night.

Wednesday is Ladies Night, the club’s main night, which offers free entry and drinks for the girls.

5. Curlies, Anjuna 

Also on Anjuna Beach, Curlies is the more popular hut of the two adjacent huts (Curlies and Shiva Valley).

 Curlies is a pretty chilled place to hang out during the day,  and the food isn’t bad. It’s the best place for people to make friends here. However, after 5 PM or around sunset, it becomes more of a party place and sometimes lasts all night.

 The party night takes place here on Thursdays and admission is free. Please note that you may be refused entry to any bar/club in Goa if you are a male-only group. They try to keep the men and women balanced for safety and so on.

6. Leopard Valley, Palolem 

Leopard Valley in Goa is a smashing nightclub that is the place for all party-crazy people. Thrillophilia is here with a mind-blowing package for any couple looking for a psychedelic trance experience. Leopard Valley is the place to be if you want to party like never before on a Friday night as soon as you hit the club at 7 pm. M. You won’t want to leave the club even if the music stops playing around 3 am. Drink, eat, party, and enjoy Thrillophilia.

From psychedelic trance to progressive, electro and techno house, there is something for everyone at this wild party spot.

This package offers coverage of INR 3000.

7. Thalassa, Siolim

Thalassa is a Greek restaurant with stunning water views that has become one of the most famous, popular and Instagrammable restaurants in Goa. With breathtaking sunsets, delicious Greek cuisine, a unique atmosphere, an elegant audience and traditional Greek shows and fire shows.

Thalassa is one of Goa’s premier nightclubs in one of the most spectacular locations. In high season you must book in advance to reserve a table.

Final words 

Here we have covered all the places that you shouldn’t miss either if you are a tourist or a Goan resident. All you have to put yourself in party mode and feel the punch of energy tunes.

Check out the Instagram and Facebook links available for any further details.

Photo by Mark Angelo Sampan

Team FNH
Team FNH
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