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Westin Goa- For the most experiential brunch ever!

Westin Goa

Did you know that the word brunch is a portmanteau of breakfast and lunch? Brunch originated in England in the late 19th century and became popular in the United States in the 1930s and from then on it started gaining popularity the world over.

And if you want to experience one of the finest brunches in Goa, Westin is your place to be.

As soon as we entered, the vibe of the place hit us differently. It was literally buzzing with people everywhere while some great music played in the background. Right from the start, it seemed like a happy place where people were truly enjoying their Sunday meals and drinks.

First things first, I haven’t seen a more elaborate brunch spread than this one. It seemed like a food festival of its own with multiple live stalls, buffet counters and a bar. 

We started our culinary indulgence at the Chaat Counter which was serving different types of chaat from the regular dahi puri, pani puri, sev puri to palak patta chaat and raj kachori too. And trust me when I say that the chaats were excellent, I mean one can just go on and on with them, but the greed of trying other items on the spread kinda stops you from overindulgence.

Next, we had a delightful platter from the grills section which had a perfect mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices. There were grilled veggies, cottage cheese, prawns, chicken, and pork and we loved every bit of it.

The pork and chicken baos were probably the best we ever had; it makes my mouth water even as I am writing about it. They were so so good. Tender meat, juicy, saucy, and utterly delicious.

Sushi lovers would find this brunch even better as there was a great variety of Sushi available to tingle your taste buds.

Coming to the star dish for me that afternoon, it was the mutton galauti kebabs, they were simply amazing and the best I had in Goa. The texture and taste were so perfect, that it just melted in the mouth.

Next, I had some delicious mutton biryani, perfectly spiced and flavoured, its rich aroma and light flavour was just right. There was a live counter which was serving butter chicken with roomali roti and how I regret not having that. My tummy was so full that I actually missed out on eating my favourite dish. But whatever we had was of superlative quality and there is just no match.

The dessert counter looked like an art exhibition where every cake and dessert was a work of art that you could simply stare at and admire for hours. Eating it was another level of satisfaction.

Whether you want to indulge in Indian, Asian, or Continental cuisine, the Westin Brunch serves you just right.

All this delicious food backed by the warmest hospitality makes brunching at Westin an experience you can never get over. It’s like creating memories for a lifetime. However many brunches I have, I will never forget this one and definitely look forward to my next visit soon.

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