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IHCL Launches Paathya Sustainability Program To Eliminate The Use of Single Use Plastics

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Tata Group’s Taj Hotels launched its “Paathya” sustainability programme on Tuesday, with the goal of eliminating the use of single-use plastics and meeting water requirements through recycling and reuse by 2030.

Taj parent company Indian Hotels Company Ltd (IHCL), announced today the creation of this framework to guide its sustainability and social impact initiatives. Paathya, derived from the Sanskrit term पथ्य for a path, sums up initiatives to lead positive change with IHCL’s core values of Trust of all stakeholders, Awareness of our ecosystem’s needs, and Contentment at heart.

India’s largest hospitality company, has set several short and long-term goals to be met by 2030 as part of this program. This includes certifying all of its hotels to a global sustainability standard. EV chargers will be installed in parking lots.

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Mr. Puneet Chhatwal, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, IHCL, said, “Today, it has become even more important to chart a new tomorrow – one that is more sustainable and inclusive. We believe this is the only way to drive India’s journey to be among the top travel and tourism economies. The launch of Paathya is in line with IHCL’s commitment to strengthen its resolve of contributing to society with an integrated approach towards creating sustainable growth and positive impact. This reaffirms our founder, Jamsetji Tata’s vision of keeping community at the heart of the business. “

Paathya strives to create a journey focused on Environmental Stewardship, Social Responsibility, Excellence in Governance, Preserving Heritage, Value Chain Transformation, and Sustainable Growth, carrying on IHCL’s over-a-century-old legacy.

G Kishan Reddy, Hon’ble Union Minister of Tourism, Culture and Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER), Government of India, said “Sustainable and responsible tourism is the way forward and the Government of India is already working in this direction. The government and the industry together are exploring ideas, solutions, and strategies to face the environmental and societal challenges. I applaud IHCL for its holistic approach of Paathya and for leading the path for the sector.”

At the official launch, Niti Ayog CEO Amitabh Kant — the man behind the “Incredible India” campaign that was launched nearly two decades ago — stated that hotel rankings should be based on how eco-friendly property is rather than the usual three, four, or five stars.

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“People see the value in green businesses and are willing to pay for it.” “The market also favors such businesses,” he added.

Ms. Rupinder Brar, Additional DG, Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, attended the event.

Under Paathya, IHCL has set several short and long-term goals that must be met by 2030. The company’s 100 percent of hotels will be certified to a global sustainability standard, from eliminating 100 percent of single-use plastic across all of its hotels to ensuring 100 percent of wastewater is reused.

IHCL aims to influence the livelihood of over 100,000 youth by continuing its pledge to skill-building and creating employability for the deserving and marginalized. Long regarded as the custodian of Indian heritage, IHCL’s collaboration with UNESCO will result in the adoption of 100% of Intangible Cultural Heritage (IHC) projects in the geographies in which it operates.

78 IHCL hotels have achieved EarthCheck certification with 47 Platinum recognitions, the most in the global travel and tourism market, demonstrating best practices. Furthermore, with the introduction of Innergise – Green Meetings, all business meetings, and conferences will go green, reducing their environmental impact.   

Photo by Karolina Grabowska

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