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Goa Celebrates World Gin Day with “GinSin” London Dry Gin


Dreaming of summertime on the beautiful Goa Coast? Taste the citrusy flavours of this stunning, sun-drenched coastline anytime via “GinSin” London dry Gin. Zesty, bright, and totally refreshing, this aromatic gin is made with hand-picked juniper and the zest of botanicals.

World Gin Day is a global celebration held annually on the second Saturday of June. Bringing together gin enthusiasts worldwide, the boozy holiday presents a wonderful opportunity to appreciate and enjoy the diverse flavours and cocktails the history-rich spirit has to offer.

GinSin London dry gin, from the stable of Dr. Mohan Krishna led Cheers group, is classic, super versatile, juniper-forward gin crafted in Goa. It has racked up a long list of accolades, including Double Gold Medals for its quality and packaging at SIP International awards California, USA, and Gold Medal in blind tasting as well a Gold medal for  it’s striking packaging at internationally acclaimed Spiritz magazine.

On the World Gin Day, yummy cocktails with “GinSin London dry Gin” for juicy twist were offered to new, already existing long list of devoted consumers and fans, with world class cocktail recipes so one can mix, shake, and stir them up in creative cocktails and enjoy!

So, while we might not need a designated day to sip this juniper-infused spirit, World Gin Day– is a good reminder that there are always new and exciting gins to try. GinSin is made in varying style, with a wide range of botanicals and other distinctive ingredients, each is unique.

Tasting notes of GinSin include tingly juniper, orange zest, soft salinity and a dry, spicy finish. Crafted using unique botanicals,  showcases a flavor profile with notes of mint, lavender, citrus, sea salt and aniseed. Additionally, the gin’s base spirit is derived from tripple-distilled super premium neutral alcohol, which lends it a silky texture.

“We’ve proved the concept of incredible liquids in unique packaging. The GinSin packaging aims to make the liquid more appealing to both customers and consumers” claims Ashwin Balivada, CEO, Cheers group.

“GinSin London dry gin, has varied choice of botanicals. The number of botanicals in the gin means that the quality and flavour is un-compromised: something consumers are always on the lookout for” says Dr. Divya Balivada. Global Creative Director, Cheers group.

Gin enthusiasts can bring some positive cheer and look forward to exploring new ways to enjoy GinSin London dry gin, that has conquered the love of beginners and aficionados alike. In recent years, there is a strong trend among urban Indians to explore and also opt for Gin as their spirit of choice owing to its refreshing appeal, especially in cocktails and at brunches. GinSin revellers celebrated on World Gin Day and look beyond. Cheers!

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