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Three Monkeys Single Malt Gift-pack Launched with “Free” rare whisky Glass!

Three Monkeys

The Three Monkeys gift pack, which promises to be your perfect company for a relaxed evening, contains a 750 ml bottle of the Three Monkeys Single-malt whisky and a complimentary rare whisky tumbler. Priced at Rs 1650/- per unit, this pack is available at all leading liquor stores across Goa.

Your whisky has aged for years in a barrel. Give it a glass that opens it up. Developed with assistance from several master blenders and specially engineered to enhance the flavour notes commonly found in single malt, the intriguing and eye-catching tulip-shaped whisky glass is proven highly functional at concentrating flavours and for a great sipping treat. 

The Three Monkeys Single Malt whisky is steeped in rich traditions and the national pride of India. Naturally, glasses are expected to be worthy enough of such a fine spirit made of the highest quality ingredients and distilled to perfection. 

Authentic Single-malt traditionally calls for something more upscale. The right whisky glass can improve how much you enjoy your whisky. So why not try an unusual-style glass experience?

“The limited edition Three Monkeys value-added pack comes in a sophisticated box style packaging with a 750ml bottle and an exclusive whisky tumbler free,” says Dr Mohan Krishna, founder, of Cheers group. 

Make the joyous festival season all the more special with the “Giftpack” edition of the most awarded Indian single-malt whisky-Three Monkeys, a rightful, balanced, full-bodied, intense finishing.

“With the festive season in full swing around the corner, many of us are looking for Gift ideas for our loved ones. Thus honouring the festivities and the associated tradition of sharing gifts, Three Monkeys Indian Single malt whisky- special edition Gift Pack has been introduced” adds Ashwin Balivada, Executive Director, Cheers group. 

Add extra fun to your celebrations by creating and indulging in whisky serves in this “complimentary” exquisite glass tumbler as you celebrate with your loved ones.

“The gift pack offer the Three Monkeys consumers a unique experience to unwind and relax as they savour this fine Indian Single malt whisky. The launch of the new gift pack portrays Three Monkeys’ global lineage which signifies sophistication and luxury for its patrons” says Dr Divya Balivada, Global Creative Director, Cheers group. 

With a unique one-of-a-kind glass like this, your next drink may taste a little better knowing that no one out there is enjoying their Single-malt quite in the same way as you. Relax and enjoy the true Indian spirit of class and finesse. Cheers!

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