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Three Monkeys – A Goan Origin, Single Malt, Going Global

Three Monkeys

Goa has become one of the primary states for the production of spirits and distilleries and many brands have been mushrooming in the state lately. Dr Mohan Krishna, the Chairman of Imperial Distillers and Vintners Pvt. Ltd. (Cheers Group), is one of those legends who started his journey in this industry in 1980. and Today, one of his well-known brands, The Three Monkeys Indian Single Malt whisky, is distilled at Imperial Distillers (Cheers group), Kundaim, Goa which sits at a bespoke destination overlooking the Mandovi River.

Calm, serene, yet incredibly full of life, Goa seeps history. Some believe that the fabled Silk Route wound its way to its coast and the lure of spices brought the Arabs, the Portuguese, and other travellers to its shores. Goa welcomed them all with open arms, offering them the adventure and riches they sought. With its rich colonial heritage, white sandy beaches, gurgling backwaters, pleasantly charming people, and an atmosphere of general cheer, Goa is not a place to be rushed. Much like a good Single Malt – Three Monkeys. 

Mohan Krishna

“We chose this beautiful tropical coast to craft our Single Malts. The many personalities of Goa are captured in each of our creations. The warm temperatures truly help mature the whiskies faster, giving them their own, signature flavor. Single Malts produced in Goa will taste far superior compared to similar age whiskies produced elsewhere in the world” claims Ashwin, Executive Director, Cheers Group adding that this award-winning classic single malt from Goa will make for a pretty elegant addition to your stock of whiskies.

Distilled traditionally and leisurely (like the Goan Susegad way of life: relaxed and laid-back) and aged for years in oak casks, Three Monkeys Single Malt whisky is known for its excellence and going to make for a prized possession! The Three Monkeys Indian Single Malt is rubbing shoulders in the world’s duty-free arena with Scotch whiskies which are a product of quality, crafted in Scotland, with a unique heritage stretching back more than 500 years. The young and the happening are moving to a new love, laced with heavy, thick oak and malted-barley sugar notes shrouded in soft smoke, with a gentle hint of the cool sea breeze of Goa: that’s Three Monkeys which is also showing a blistering sales growth too!

Even the best whisky brands in the world tend to still fly under the radar when it comes to actually picking up a great bottle. There’s no denying there are experimental and phenomenal single malt whiskies coming out of everywhere, even from India which upped the ante with brands like ’Three Monkeys single malt’ boasting artisanal production, heritage, and provenance – a blend of all three!

It’s not only India’s most highly awarded single malt whisky but among the most prestigious and honoured whiskies bagging international awards. With its Indian craftsmanship,  its rich heritage makes it one of the rarest whiskies.

The Three Monkeys name has since become synonymous with the concept of excellence through innovation. The brand’s award-winning series of competitions is a prime example. It won many prestigious gold medals at several competitions, including at SIP International awards in California, USA, and at New York International Spirits Competition this year.

Since 2009, Imperial Distillers (Cheers group) has been guided under the watchful eye of its founder Dr Mohan Krishna, the world’s first liquor marketing doctorate who has mastered whisky creation, distilling, and whisky brand building, and who’s celebrated in the industry for his scientific approach and inventive experimentations.

The Goa-based Cheers Group is an internationally acclaimed, highly innovative beverage alcohol conglomerate with a stunning portfolio spread across wine, spirits, and Ready-to-Drink (RTD) products.  The group is a manufacturer and exporter of a variety of new-age beverages and has a presence in India and international markets with its award-winning brands.

“If you don’t have good-quality barrels, then you’re going to have something a little bit rough and fiery on the palate and from a consumer’s perspective, when they’re tasting malt whisky, there should be a soft, clean texture, not something that burns,” says Ashwin Balivada, Executive Director, Cheers group, who has mastered Business Management from  Cambridge University. 

“As we’ve learned, the type of cask used is imperative when it comes to a whisky’s flavour, but the amount of time it spends maturing in those casks is also vital to its development. Don’t get too hung up on the age statement on the bottle, though. Many people assume the longer a spirit is aged, the better it will taste. But that isn’t always the case” says Dr Divya Balivada,  Creative Director, Cheers group, who acquired business talent from Edinburgh University in Scotland.

Three Monkeys is a great “high-end” whisky that delivers. It’s not going to blow any minds, but it makes a hell of an easy sipper. And sometimes, that’s enough! “To receive so many accolades and international medals across the years is a true testament to our quality and packaging and of course, the team’s ability to keep our innovative ethos fresh. Three Monkeys is an Indian origin Single Malt whisky, and we are ecstatic to be celebrating this with the world!” adds Ashwin.

Ashwin Baliwada

“We work incredibly hard to ensure every one of our products looks and tastes amazing. And The Three Monkeys Indian Single Malt whisky is just fantastic!” adds Dr Divya. 

“The Single Malt is a business with ambition and it has an exciting future ahead, one which we are very much looking forward to taking to greater heights” adds Dr. Krishna. “The Three Monkeys is widely known as the paragon of ‘The Art of Indian Single Malt whisky’. It’s absolutely phenomenal”.

“The Three Monkeys is a head-turner that tastes premium, clean, slightly fruity, and sweet, and is an easy crowd favourite. It is smoothness personified” claims Dr Divya. 

“You can’t beat the price, look no further, It’s exciting—it makes it more of an adventure for a novice who wants to start exploring the Three Monkeys Indian Single malt” adds Ashwin.

The Three Monkeys blend begins on the palate with rich, caramel notes. Subtle spices and dry sweetness start to make way, followed by a smooth oak finish while the sherry barrels add a pleasant mouth feel. It’s complex and satisfying. 

The Cheers group came into existence in 2009 and within a short span has built a scaled international drinks business with an enviable portfolio of world-class brands that take on some of the most established industry players.

It may be noted that a few international financial investors, venture capitalists, and corporate houses are looking at picking up a stake in this successful company with an impressive portfolio of brands, which is set to become a mega blue-chip company in the near future. 

Divya Baliwada

The Three Monkeys Indian Single Malt has also the global distinction of being featured in the International Malt Whisky Year Book 2022. The intense barley and grain, nutty, citrus, and apricot develop an interesting, multifaceted taste. Undoubtedly, it’s a “Master of Malt” produced especially for discerning whisky connoisseurs the world over. Cheers!

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