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In The Pink – The Story of a Brand That Challenged The Thought Process and Changed The Game!

In The Pink

It’s the age of people who are slowly but steadily heading towards a more health-conscious lifestyle and especially when it comes to food. But have you noticed, that the only hesitation most people have when switching to healthier options is taste? Most products that are deemed healthy are not tasty, or so we perceive. 

A Goa-based brand made its mission to bring popular Indian food and drinks into your homes prepared using fully natural ingredients and without the use of any artificial preservatives or flavours – and taste delicious too. This is how ‘In the Pink’ was born.

In The Pink Dry Chutney

Their biggest challenge was to get this combination of health and taste right and thus all their recipes have been painstakingly developed in-house. The modern lifestyle has made many of these recipes difficult to make at home and their aim is to make them conveniently available for those looking for such healthy and tasty options. 

As their tagline “Home Food Culture” suggests, they believe that you will get a feeling of nostalgia when trying their products. They also firmly believe that the magic of Goa also plays a big part in retaining the freshness of their produce.

In The Pink Khakra

They are currently producing four main categories of food products – Premium Khakras (Tingles), Roasted Crackers (KraKra), Dry Chutneys & Beverages. In addition, they also produce their popular Paanipuri ka Paani & Khatta Meetha Chutney. With a total of 27 SKUs, their products are available across supermarkets in Goa, Pune & Cochin and they are also available on Amazon.

The company is now actively working on expanding into Bengaluru and Mumbai and developing its own e-commerce channel on its website “In The Pink

Their brand name “inthepink” is for the obvious reason – may you always be in the pink of health!

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