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Cabo Serai- Where Nature and Exclusivity go Hand in Hand!

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Do you have at least some idea what the most amazing aspect of living in Goa is? You don’t have to move out of the state for a get-away, Goa itself offers such countless spots to have an ideal ruler of escape that one doesn’t require a lot of arranging. Living in the Northside of Goa, heading towards the South for an end of the week is probably everything thing one can manage when needing a fast break.

And I did precisely that, I was so burnt out on my everyday schedule and totally impeded with work that I was gravely searching for a break. I needed to head someplace near the ocean side but then quiet and this is the way I settled on Cabo Serai.


Cabo Serai is arranged practically on a 100 feet high segregated peak but then the serene and unblemished ocean side of Cabo de Rama is in close proximity. With only 7 elite cabins and tents, this spot offers you peace and serenity like no other.

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Presently to clarify the area and magnificence of the spot, one truly needs to go there and see with your own eyes, in light of the fact that no words can really legitimize or depict the uniqueness that Cabo Serai brings to the table.

Cabo Sarai Ambience

With a country road prompting the property, briefly, I felt does the property even exist there? In any case, I clutched my fervour and we were informed we had to climb down some 100 odd steps. While moving down, all I was believing was that how could they make such a spot, I mean where the entrance is the two its magnificence and a test, it truly appeared to be out of dreamland, perhaps not dream, in light of the fact that really speaking I was unable to try and envision a spot like that in my fantasies.

In any case, subsequent to moving down 100 steps, I still actually didn’t actually see the property, however, what I saw was the dreamlike regular magnificence that the spot brings to the table, what I heard was the spouting hints of the waves from the far off ocean. As we strolled a little ahead we went over a dazzling little extension streaming over a characteristic stream and trust me, I simply needed to plunk down there for some time and embrace the quietness of nature and essentially sit idle. By and by, when we at long last push ahead, we were given a warm greeting by the always grinning and supportive staff of Cabo Serai and reviving coconut water made that little journey beneficial.

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By then, a buggy was holding back to take us up the slope to our tent and again there is a distinction in saying and encountering it for yourself, however this ride was absolutely astounding. As the buggy halted close to our tent, the help staff was sitting tight for us for a welcome with cold towels and the view was stunningly delightful. I didn’t enter the tent however remained in the gallery for quite a while to appreciate what my eyes were seeing.

The Accommodation

Our first night was reserved in a tent, maybe an extravagant tent and it was significantly moreover I envisioned it to be. It was tasteful inside and out, very agreeable and no doubt, it had all advanced conveniences that one can request but then every single component of the tent praises the manageability. The restroom particularly grabbed my eye, the broad utilization of wood and little recycled things like a coconut shell just knocked my socks off. Additionally the more I noticed the property, the more I understood the difficult work and endeavours that have gone behind making such a space. To take any kind of material all over that course in itself is an errand and to make something as lovely as Cabo Serai on that ridge seems to be an incredibly excellent work.

Cabo Sarai Room

The following day, we moved to encourage up the slope in a cabin and I really will not have the option to attract any correlations with which stay experience was better. Both the tent and cabin had every one of the solaces that one could look for and the perspectives were entrancing. Be it the early morning scenes with the tweeting of birds and the light blue shade of both the sky and ocean or the orange-ruby skies during the nightfall with palm trees framing an outline worth catching in your camera and recollections. The night sky with a huge number of stars and the far off sound of crashing waves and crickets stridulating offered such a serene encounter that it is challenging to portray the sort of internal harmony one gets.

With everything taken into account, both the tent and cabin offered such a lovely ambience that all I would want is to simply sit back there and continue to gaze at the ocean, the sky and overwhelm all that nature offered me.


The food at Cabo Serai is simple, impeccable, and unquestionably worth your time and energy. The morning meal is more similar to a day by day pre-set menu and we completely appreciated it on both days. Our breakfast included smoothies, aloo-luchi, aloo paranthas, energy bars, eggs to decision and bread crate alongside tea/espresso and they were absolutely delightful.

Cabo Sarai Brunch

For tidbits and lunch, there is an al-a-carte menu, it doesn’t have an excessive number of choices yet at the same time is good to the point of satisfying your cravings for food whenever of the day. Truth be told, our first tryst with food was the point at which we checked in around 4 PM and following a 2-hour venture, we were marginally hungry. So some fish cutlets, chicken burger and french fries were all set while we watched the beautiful sunset from our balcony.

The supper on the two days was a 4-course feast, including soup, starters, fundamental course and a dessert. Straightforward yet flavourful suppers made utilizing the nearby produce give you an extremely home-prepared food sort of solace.


The encounters are Cabo Serai are special to the spot, starting from the climb down of 100 steps to then climbing uphill in the buggy to arrive at your room, fishing in the stream, the changing shades of the ocean and sky during dusks, to breakfast near the ocean, a morning journey that offers a few amazingly wonderful and entrancing perspectives, to a candlelight private supper set up wherein the breeze, the faint lights and having a feast under the stars, everything appears to be mysterious, is all strange to such an extent that it gazes directly out of a dream film. However, indeed, you can encounter all of this and considerably more like yoga on the slopes, town journey, an outing to the Cabo de Rama Fort, and so forth during your visit at Cabo Serai.

Cabo Sarai Surrounding

This staycation of 2 days at Cabo Serai has been one of the most noteworthy get-aways in a long lengthy timespan. Yet again to feel so near nature, not take a gander at the watch, not go to insane work calls and to stop by, unwind and invest some quality energy with the family has been such an extravagance given the unremarkable schedule that I returned totally restored and prepared to take on the world. Yet, for clear reasons, I so anticipate excursion again soon at Cabo Serai for the most faultless cordiality, the uniqueness that the spot offers with an overflow of nature, sun, sand and ocean!

About Cabo Serai

Cabo de Rama

Goa, India – 403702

E. – [email protected]

P. – +91 7887882414 , +91 7499161229

Photos by Armaan Malhotra

AditI Malhotra
AditI Malhotra
Having covered more than 1000 restaurants and hotels across the country and globe, Aditi found her passion for food and traveling right in her childhood. At a later stage, traveling for work only fuelled this passion further and she started documenting her experiences as a food and lifestyle blogger 12 years ago and since then there has been no looking back!

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