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Post Covid Recovery Food and Drink Ideas; Top Five Recovery Foods

Post Covid Recovery

Covid is here to stay, that’s the harsh reality and we have to now learn to live with it. Once the virus infects our body, it does not just disappear, with time it becomes weaker as our immunity starts becoming stronger. But what makes our immunity stronger is the key, it’s the food and healthy habits. In this article let’s talk about some foods that help in post COVID recovery.

Healthy food habits can change how the virus affects our body in the long run. We need to build our immunity to keep fighting the virus and lead a life away from its fear. Besides following all the safety measures and taking the prescribed medicines, it is equally important to eat the healthy food. 

You can defeat right novel coronavirus with the existing immunity and with the help of the medicines but once you get affected the procedure of recovery is long and tiring and you need to do whatever possible to bring your health back to the previous stage. 

The Side Effects of Covid

Most of the people who have gone through will experience fatigue, weakness and loss of strength, energy, and appetite, and the last one is the most important one, if you lose appetite means you cannot eat well resulting into adverse effect. Your body has already used up all your resources (energy) to fight with the virus and naturally, there is depletion that the body needs to replenish. 

Eating Right to Recreate the Health 

The only way to regain your strength is by eating well but eating right is more important to recover post-Covid and become fit again. Protein enriched foods provides the endurance to fight the weakness in the body. Let’s look at what is good to eat and drink. 

What to Eat Post Covid Recovery

The first on this list is PROTEIN. Protein is supposed to be one of the most important factors to fight the weakness and gain strength. Food items such as Eggs, Chicken, Fish, Milk and Milk Products, Pulses, are rich source of protein and consuming them regularly will help in keeping you fit and increase your immunity level. Therefore, you see the people eat more protein to build the muscles. 

Protein Rich Food
Protein Rich Food Such as Lentils, nuts and seeds (Photo Credits – Photo by Artem Podrez from Pexels)

Another thing that will help you to regain your heath post covid is an antioxidant rich diet. Just like protein, antioxidants help regain good bacteria in our body which helps our body to fight the illness. The foods that come under this category are ginger, garlic, raw turmeric, green tea, and coloured fruits and vegetables and it helps increasing our immunity with the help of necessary antioxidants.

You must make sure that you eat smaller meals throughout the day instead of eating couple of big meals. Have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also including fibre rich food such as salads and fruits in your diet is important.

What to Drink Post Covid Recovery

Staying hydrated throughout the day especially during the post recovery is very important. The hydrated body can deal with the infection with more efficiency compared to the dehydrated body and drinking fluid is as important as eating protein rich food. 

Consume Healthy Soup (Photo Credits – Photo by Navada Ra from Pexels)

Drinking around 3 to 4 litter of water everyday will help in keeping your body hydrated and keep you safe from reinfection. If you keep drinking just water throughout the day, it might not be an ideal situation so what you do to replace that? Simple, you can consume herbal teas, or tasty and healthy water infusions. Include soups, coconut water and fresh juices in your diet.

Do not Eat Junk Food

The Junk food gives craving but everything that is good for the tongue may not be good for the body and that is exactly the case of junk food. The consumption of junk food in excess can result into decreasing your energy and make your stomach upset leaving you with uneasy feeling throughout the day. 

Keeping the above facts in mind keep yourself away from the junk foods like chips, namkeens, biscuits, and chocolates. Second enemy of the healthy body is refined sugar that you consume in a form of various sugary desserts. 

Junk Food
Avoid Junk Food (Image Credits – Photo by Artem Podrez from Pexels )

It is not alone the sugar that affects your body and compromises your immune system, the intake of high salt foods can also lead to slow down the process of healing and hence you need to restrict the consumption of high salt items like papad, chutney, and pickles in excess   

Junk foods are very easy to make and available all over due to high in demand and thus people equate the junk food to comfort food but, it does more harm that the good to your body. Instead of eating the junk food you must eat the healthy snacks like Cereals, nuts, and seeds. These are the great source of antioxidants and fatty acids including Omega-3. You can eat apple and banana instead of pastries. 

The Recovery Foods 

Finally, we come to an end of the article and before leaving we would like to suggest you top 5 recovery foods that will help you come out of Post Covid Weakness.  

Protein – The foods filled with the goodness and richness of protein such as Lentils, nuts and seeds, it also helps in recovering from the protein deficiency.  

2. The second thing is you must consume Zinc rich item such as seafoods, the fish enriched with the zinc provides protection from the viral infections and it also helps in reducing the ability of the virus to multiply. 

3. In India we consume lot of ghee which is a most famous milk product having many health benefits. The fact is Ghee and white butter helps our lungs to recover fast. 

4. The next in the line is immunity building and anti-inflammatory foods such as “Kadhas” raw turmeric, basil, ginger, and garlic that helps in building strong immunity and it also helps in recovery of inner inflation of ulcers. You can always have them raw (which is most ideal scenario) or include them in your food preparation. 

5. The last but not the least is consumption of vitamin C. Everyone knows this fact that vitamin C helps in fighting with the cold and viral attacks, but do you know that it also helps in recovering your body faster? The common vitamin C enriched food items include, lime, Broccoli, cauliflower, bell peppers, kiwi and citrus fruits.

Note – The suggestions given above are based on the general studied and experience shared online by many people, and it is not the substitute for the medical advice hence it is always recommended that you follow the medical advice given by doctor while following the above habits       instructions. Remember, recuperation can be much faster and easier if you just follow these expert-backed tips and recommendations.

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