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Mojigao – Unwinding in Hidden Goan Wilderness

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Ever imagined being transported to the hills in a coastal area like Goa? Neither did I till I set foot in this hidden paradise called Mojigao, which has ample sunshine and is surrounded by lush greens. Even on a hot summer afternoon, it felt like I was sitting a couple of meters above sea level and enjoying the cool breeze with birds chirping in a calm surrounding, as I relished my favorite Avocado Sandwich and a side of their fresh watermelon juice.

Nestled in the upcoming neighborhood of Assagao in Goa, Mojigao Eco Village is an experience in itself and has my heart! From healthy breakfast bowls, smoothies, wholesome salads, fresh juices and sandwiches made using freshly baked breads to their weekend tapas menu, it is the ideal way to unwind and rejuvenate in serenity.

When I visited the restaurant, I had the pleasure of meeting Head Chef Aakash Rokadia, originally from Ahmedabad. He is a former employee of Hyatt group of hotels and the Carnival Cruise Line and has previously worked in Goa & Ahmedabad after graduating from Manipal University. When we discussed the vision of Mojigao, he repeatedly mentioned the uniqueness that they wanted to bring to the culture of Goa by offering a spot that speaks volumes about how the interiors of Goa are also as beautiful and it is not just about the sand, sea and nightlife.

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Mojigao 3

Mojigao is an extension of the popularly known restaurant Artjuna in Anjuna and served a lot of their specials but has now developed their menu further to cater to not only tourists but also the locals. As you walk into this rustic outdoor restaurant you are instantly transported to a hilly setting unlike the scenic beach views and nightlife that Goa is popularly known for. It is the perfect nook in a secluded location, cropped away from the city life, buzzing parties and fine dining restaurants of North Goa. They have so much to offer and you can spend an entire day there by being involved in their yoga activities, reading a book from their stack, soaking in the wilderness and indulging in their vegetarian, vegan and pescatarian menu, which in its true sense is living the epitome of the quintessential susegad life.

Their menu is a celebration of life and healthy food that results in happy tummies! Although they started off as a vegetarian restaurant, keeping in mind the freshly available produce from the Goan coastal line, they decided to add seafood to their menu. This addition did in fact attract a lot of locals who love indulging in coastal dishes and the chefs intend on experimenting and improvising in order to cater to the likings of all kinds of foodies.

Keeping the Goan week ending vibe, they also have a Tapas Brunch over the weekends alongside some newly curated tropical cocktails and live music. Listing down a few must-haves from their menu that one should definitely try, as I am sitting here ruminating and hoping to re- visit soon myself! The Avocado sandwich, fresh natural juices (Watermelon is my favorite), the Mediterranean thali, chia smoothie bowl, the seasonal Jamun smoothie bowl, the cappuccino (apparently their coffee machine is vintage and has been restored for their use!), croissant sandwich and Goat’s cheese ravioli are my top eats. What is even better is how affordable and well-priced their menu is specially for budget travelers. You can get their Set Breakfast which includes 2 drinks, fruits and a sandwich for less than 500 rupees!

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Mojigao 2

All in all, Mojigao is the perfect combination of the lovely outdoors, good food, great views, positive vibes, and weekend drunching. Head over to this secret insta-worthy spot the next time you visit Assagao and you won’t be disappointed.

by Nikita Shah of Salt In All 

Team FNH
Team FNH
Food & Hospitality Team works day and night to get you some of the best culinary experiences from across the state of Goa. If you wish to get featured into this portal, please share your details at [email protected]

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