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ITC Grand Goa Resort & Spa, Experience the Ultimate Luxury

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South Goa is a beautiful serene place to be. Whenever I need to unwind I go down for a drive down the Majorda road. Long winding roads lined with trees and paddy fields, and a continuous stretch of white sand beach. Park Hyatt in Cansaulim is a major landmark along that route. On one of my recent drives, I noticed the whole place got a new look, now being ITC Grand Goa. This warranted an excursion! I decided to go check the place out.

ITC Grand Goa has partnered with the Luxury Collection brand with this Resort & Spa on the Arossim beach. Located on the interior stretches away from the highway, this resort is a hidden beauty! It has a village styled architecture inspired by Indo-Portuguese vintage, smoothly blending classical elegance with a distinctive regional allure.

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Set amidst 45-acres of lush landscape, with direct access to the pristine Arossim beach, the resort presents all the essentials for an invigorating or intimate relaxed getaway, whichever you would prefer. The ambience and architecture definitely celebrate the spirit of Goa on a grand scale.

As I strolled into the reception I was greeted by Mr Nakul Anand, the Executive Director of ITC Ltd. He confided, “Goa is a globally sought-after leisure destination in Asia. So ITC Grand’s step into the Goan soil is a great addition to ITC’s group of luxury hotels.”

The resort has 252 well-appointed rooms and suites with private outdoor spaces in the form of a balcony or patio providing picturesque views of the Arabian Sea, lushly landscaped gardens, lagoons or the multi-level swimming pool. Basically, 252 havens!

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A sense of warmth and space pervades the entire resort with long-winding verandas and alcoves. The rooms have wooden floorings, terracotta roofs, subtle textures, verdant landscapes and the cool sea breeze to top everything and awaken your spirit.

The foodie in me led me straight from the rooms, across the pool, to the dining area (I decided to visit it later, food first!). ITC Hotels are known for providing an exceptional culinary experience. This resort has 6 signature brands and dining concepts comprising indigenous and international tastes. ‘Kebabs & Kurries’ showcased traditional Indian styles of cooking, ‘Tempero’ (meaning Seasoning in Portuguese) featured distinct influences in Goan cooking, ‘Ottimo’ had pan-Italian cuisine and ‘Pavilion at the Market Place’ had all-day dining featuring Indian and inventive international cuisines.

The last two were the unconventional kind. Taking advantage of the panoramic views of the Arabian Sea, ‘The Royal Afghan’ is a seaside barbecue and grill outlet. And finally the much sought after, ‘Farol’ (meaning Lighthouse in Portuguese) is the multi-level poolside bar presenting the finest indigenous and international spirits with commanding views of the sea and the landscape. All their options will definitely set tongues of even non-foodies rolling, especially in such surroundings and abundance.

As I explored further I chanced upon this – set amidst the tranquil environs of the resort, a 36,000 sq. ft. spa, ‘Kaya Kalp – The Royal Spa’. Their services included signature treatments highlighting traditional Indian and international therapies through 16 spa suites. Further ahead the resort boasted of an expansive Indoor and Outdoor space to facilitate a host of recreational activities. A dedicated kids’ zone overseen by trained professionals was the final thing left to complete the best package possible for a family outing.

The resort is just a 30-minute drive from the Goa International Airport, replete with rolling fields and coconut tree-lined village roads, setting the tone for a unique Goan sojourn. ITC Hotel’s ethos of ‘Responsible Luxury’ is evident in its bespoke services, indigenous cuisine and engagements that foster partnerships with local artisans and communities. Echoing ITC’s commitment to sustainable development, the resort operates according to the highest principles of environmental stewardship.

A much-awaited college friends’ gathering can now bear fruit sometime, safe in the knowledge that the Resort is ideal in so many ways if not all!

Team FNH
Team FNH
Food & Hospitality Team works day and night to get you some of the best culinary experiences from across the state of Goa. If you wish to get featured into this portal, please share your details at [email protected]

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