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Instagram Content Ideas For Food Bloggers! Look what Flavours of Content Make it Look Exquisite!

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Instagram is a colourful platform and Food is a flavourful niche, if you are combining these and holding up a tag of a food blogger? Here’s something you must know as a Food blogger! 

Today, posting photos, sharing stories, and optimising your Instagram feed aren’t just creative ways to use Instagram. Instagram’s algorithmic wave is constantly changing which nourishes their user’s engagement and serves as a hard but to crack for the content creator. 

Here are some of the great Instagram post ideas you can keep track of as a Food blogger! 

Categories Leading The Appetising Feed! 

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Instagram is easy to use and wonderfully interactive with fascinating features. More importantly, the size of the audience has an amazing number. 

Posting quality content with delicious photos on Instagram will undoubtedly boost your food blogging business. It will help you fulfil your dream of becoming a top food blogger.

Leading Categories For Food blog Content

Food blogging is a massive field to stand. From healthy eating to recipes to product reviews, food blogs can cover a variety of topics. Typically, food blog content falls into the following categories: 

  • Recipes
  • Reviews
  • Sponsored content 
  • Personal stories
  • SEO content
  • Trends
  • Food series 

Easy-Pick Content You Can Try as a Food Blogger! 

  • DIY cooking series.
  • Explore places and street foods.
  • Ask your audience to participate in various challenges. 
  • Compare inexpensive products with expensive and luxurious ones and explain which is better.
  • Angles and pro-tips for the best photos of food and drinks
  • How to start a food blog
  • Organise a contest or host Giveaway to thank the public.
  • Why did you start your blog/business?
  • The perfect recipe for a date with your loved one.
  • Go with different content formats. Think reels, videos, podcasts, blogs and snapshots.
  • Create a cookery challenge and engage your audience.
  • The perfect recipe for a date with your loved one.
  • Go with different content formats. Think reels, videos, podcasts, blogs and snapshots.
  • Create a cookery challenge and engage your audience.
  • Create a gift guide for food lovers.
  • Review a cookbook
  • Test recipes off Pinterest or TikTok.
  • 20 ingredients everyone should have.
  • Try unusual ingredients and show your audience how they can use them in their cooking.
  • Do a recipe inspired by a country (kimchi South Korea)
  • Quick recipes that save time.
  • Create a menu and share the recipes for it.
  • Show the correct technique and offer tips 

Bring up Self-made Trends Connected To The Theme of The Season! 

  • New-year party theme 
  • Valentine’s week special ones 
  • Christmas 
  • Tropic flavours
  • Picnic or travel must-haves list. 
  • How to preserve food in the summer season. 
  • Fusion food styles. 
  • BBQ night prep tips. 
  • Try out instructed serving sizes recipes. 

Pointers To Note

Food brands have a lot of creative freedom when it comes to social marketing.

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Incorporating real people into your posts instantly gives your media exposure a more authentic and human feel. This leads to higher engagement and an increased appetite from your target audience.

  • respect and concern for authenticity
  • Don’t give up, post often
  • Post-error-free and plagiarism content, do not copy. if in case you think you are copying someone give them credit. 
  • Show your essence to better connect
  • Make friends online, expand your network and help each other
  • Be convenient and easily accessible to other bloggers
  • Keep the website clean and easy to navigate and follow the 

Conclusive Part

You’ll be more likely to develop a successful food blog if you follow these guidelines.

People associate more feelings with food than just hunger. Eating is a social event, an opportunity to catch your breath, and its preparation can be a creative expression. Many see food as a symbol of togetherness, associating certain foods and recipes with life events and special occasions.

There are many creative ways to present food and capture the process of serving and eating. As a marketer, part of the fun is discovering ways to help your audience connect with your brand and immerse themselves in the experience of sharing or enjoying food!

Hope this will help you moderate and doodle your inner food blogger.

Photo by Helena Lopes

Team FNH
Team FNH
Food & Hospitality Team works day and night to get you some of the best culinary experiences from across the state of Goa. If you wish to get featured into this portal, please share your details at [email protected]

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