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Copperleaf, Panjim, More Than Just A Goan Thali Restaurant!

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As far as I know, Copperleaf’s name has always been synonymous with Goa’s best restaurants to experience the authentic Goan thali, but trust me when I say there is much more to it. Copperleaf has a very popular branch in Porvorim and just recently they opened a new one in St.Inez, Panjim.

One look, even from the entrance point and you know that this Copperleaf is every inch premium and exudes vibes that any fine dining restaurant should.

Copperleaf Interior

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The moment you step inside, the classiness is validated further. Stunningly decorated with hanging greens, hues of pastels and occasional graffiti walls, set the tone of the ambience that is soothing as well as inviting. Also, they have taken complete care to make the restaurant friendly for those with physical disabilities. Right from a ramp at the entrance to a special toilet for the disabled, and a diaper changing room for young mothers, everything is thoughtfully planned. The cleanliness and classiness of the washrooms can give five stars a run for their money, they are so well-kept.

Copperleaf Fish Recheado

Coming to food, the menu is standardized and the same as the Porvorim branch, so you can be assured of delectable delights all through. The hospitality is top-notch and you will experience the warmth of their staff members at every level. Right from the servers to the managers, everyone is on their toes making you feel comfortable and paying heed to all your needs.

Chef Kashish Thakral is always there to help you with his recommendations and going by his choice, we ordered Hariyali Gobhi, Chicken Tikka from the North Indian section, Prawns Butter Garlic, King Fish Masala Fry, from the local specialities and Dragon Chicken from the Oriental menu.

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Copperleaf Butter Nan & Butter Chicken

Each and every item that came on our table is worth a mention, but 3 things that were truly outstanding include the Hariyali Gobhi, it’s a must-have hand down, and the butter garlic prawns too were simply amazing, unlike a runny butter sauce, these were creamy and beautifully cooked. The chicken tikka was so tender and charred to perfection that there is no way you can ignore it.

Copperleaf 1

Coming to mains, the thali is something that is one of Copperleaf’s best sellers and they have many different varieties of the same and thus makes for a must-try. But the menu also offers a great selection of other Goan, North Indian and Oriental delicacies. So other than the thali, we opted for Chicken Rahra, a thick chicken gravy that has succulent pieces of chicken cooked in a keema base. Best to eat with a hot & crispy butter garlic naan and enter a food coma.

Copperleaf 5

The next on my list was Butter Chicken, though a little on the sweeter side, the colour, the consistency, the texture and the taste were perfect. You can surely give it a try. If you are planning to have a simple yet soul-satisfying meal, nothing can beat their Prawn Curry & Rice.

Copperleaf 3

Finish the meal with a choice of Gulab Jamun, Serradura, or Caramel Pudding and I am sure you will enjoy your overall culinary journey at Copperleaf like never before.

Restaurant Details

Phone Numbers +919075018463

Table booking recommended

Cuisines – Mughlai, North Indian, Goan, Chinese, Biryani

Average Cost – ₹600 for two people (approx)

Address – Ground Floor, Esmeralda Casa de Povo St. Inez, Taleigao, Panaji, Goa 403001

Images by Armaan Malhotra

AditI Malhotra
AditI Malhotra
Having covered more than 1000 restaurants and hotels across the country and globe, Aditi found her passion for food and traveling right in her childhood. At a later stage, traveling for work only fuelled this passion further and she started documenting her experiences as a food and lifestyle blogger 12 years ago and since then there has been no looking back!

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