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Benefits of Having Green Chillies

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Really So? Surprising, is it? Chilies, in general, are supposed to add that spicy kick to your food but as mentioned earlier the green variety contains a number of nutrients that are actually beneficial for your health. What makes their consumption (limited quantity ), of course beneficial? Here we list some benefits associated with green chilies. 

Consumption of green chilies prevents heart diseases like atherosclerosis.

Supposedly they are good for heart health. The consumption of green chilies helps reduce blood cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels to prevent atherosclerosis, a critical condition that causes a build-up of fats, cholesterol, and other harmful substances on the artery walls. Eating chilies can also prevent the formation of blood clots, one of the major causes of heart attacks.

Green chilies are rich in vitamin C

An important nutrient, Vitamin C, helps maintain numerous bodily functions. Surprisingly just like citrus foods green chilies are an equally good source of vitamin C. The abundant amount of vitamin C present in green chilies, their intake can actually keep your skin glowing. They also help strengthen your immune system as vitamin C is an antioxidant.

Have zero calories and can boost metabolism too

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Add a few green chilies to your diet if you are looking to lose some weight. The faster metabolism achieved by its intake helps lose weight as the process leads to the use up stored fat. As they have zero calories, no chance of gaining weight.

Green Chillies are natural Iron Boosters

If you have iron deficiency and are looking to increase your hemoglobin levels start adding green chilies to your diet. They are a great medium to help absorb iron and simultaneously provide you with Vitamin C.

Capsaicin present in green chilies helps with the common cold

Capsaicin is an active component of green chilies that helps in stimulating your blood flow. This action can be very useful if you are suffering from a sinus or a common cold. It can also help to stimulate the cooling center of the hypothalamus in the brain to help bring down body temperature.

So friends, get ready to incorporate green chilies into your diet and reap the benefits!

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Text by – Sunil Malhotra

Image Credit – Mark Stebnicki

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Team FNH
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