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Check out These 6 Hottest New Restaurants on Your Next Visit to Goa

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With a reputation for attracting the hippie crowd and honeymooners, Goa has beyond the usual touristy hangs and taps into the essence of Goa with taverns, or a high-end experience, there’s plenty of off-beat places to explore! Let’s take a drunken stroll to these 6 hottest new restaurants and bars in Goa. 

Petisco Gastrobar, Panaji

A high-octane bar just off Panjim municipal garden follows The Portuguese’s small plates concept. The food philosophy is influenced by flavours from the Mediterranean and Spanish colonies. Petisco is a softly lit gastro bar, with green and gold patterns along with dark wood and brick hues. For a sexy chill vibe and fabulous cocktails, Petisco is popular among the local folks and tourists. So, the next time you are here order Prawns a la Plancha, Chimichurri chicken, along with the Verde Rita, a cilantro infused tequila drink.

Antó[email protected], Fontainhas

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The perfect complement to Fontainhas’ colourful vibe, is Antonio’s canopy of candy-coloured party streamers. Latin music, crowded community tables is the mood at this friendly neighbourhood tapas bar. Drink up the urrak cocktail, the madhua, that combines mahua with ginger ale, the tamarind whiskey paired with tender coconut bhaji, chicharrones, whole boiled peanuts and green mango chili.

Kismoor Gin Garden, Sangolda

An established restaurant in Taleigao, Kismoor in Sangolda is set within a gin garden, with a modern vibe and contemporary Goan cuisine. This semi-open-air area is the perfect place for date night and some conversations. Kombdi chilly fry, crab meat reachado and mushroom butter garlic are good bets if you’re hungry. Flowers of Kismoor, a blend of G&T with elderflower extract and hints of citrus; and Catwalk, muddled basil, orange and gin smash are a few specialities.

Squirrel the Street Bar, Assagao

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Located in the eccentric village of Assagao, nestled under the canopy of some luscious trees, this brightly-lit streetside bar is a new hip. A glass of Feni, Pina Coladas with coconut, rum and a dash of spice or your usual shooters, rum, whisky, gin and a few cocktails and some fried seafood of your choice, there are ample choices for both vegetarians and meat-eaters. So, sit on Squirrel’s picnic benches admiring the myriad lights that light up the sky with these goodies.

Felix, Anjuna

Felix is an up-market addition to Goa’s vibrant restaurant scene. A Rustic wholesome comfort food in a tropical garden setting, contemporary restaurant and grill, an old-school bar, an artisanal coffee shop, an art gallery, and the bar is helmed by an all-female team of bartenders that serves experimental and classic cocktails, nestled in the heart of Anjuna. The signature cocktail here is a tarty gin and cherry sour that jams well with gluten-free yam samosas. Try the sol kadi spiked with dark rum or the feni-based Anjuna Swing.

Sylvia at the W Hotel, Vagator

This eight-seater gin bar, Slyvia is all about dim lights, cheeky couches and a picturesque view of the Arabian Sea. This bar has over 21 distinguished gin labels, ranging from British, German and Japanese to our very own Indian craft. novelties like the Rock Melon gin smoothie and Soft Fruit Sour, are on the menu. Slyvia also allows a DIY mix of flavoured gin (peppermint, roasted coffee, hibiscus are some of the offerings) with botanical tonic and refreshing garnishes to make your own drink.

Jamming Goat, Benaulim

With laid-back beachfront restaurant amazing vibes, Jamming Goat is The perfect definition of your quintessential Goan beach bar. Great sunset, tapas & other small plates, along with live music are creatively crafted. The ambience of this beach shack is vibrant and funky purple neon lighting and peppy cocktails. Crab Meat bruschetta is a must-try along with feni and Peruvian soda garnished with plum leather, even the pan tossed wild mushrooms with parmesan for the vegetarians. Perfect end with deconstructed saradora.

Team FNH
Team FNH
Food & Hospitality Team works day and night to get you some of the best culinary experiences from across the state of Goa. If you wish to get featured into this portal, please share your details at [email protected]

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