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Suffering from Diabetes?? Foods to Avoid

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Diabetes no doubt is a chronic disease that has taken epidemic-like proportions all over the globe. But for those suffering from the same, it is not the end of the road, you do not necessarily have to stop eating as you desire a diet plan can be made to include almost all foods but you have to regulate the intake.

A balanced, healthy diet can go a long way to managing and thereby minimizing the risk of complications arising out of diabetes. No, you may seriously think about the foods to be avoided. Here are some suggestions compiled by us:

White Bread, Rice, and Pasta

Some of the most common of our daily foods, but are high-carb processed foods. These have been known to increase blood sugar levels( Type 1&2 Diabetes) in most people. Replacing these low-fiber foods with high-fiber foods markedly reduced blood sugar levels in people with diabetes and also

Regulated Cholesterol

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It is certainly advisable if you could change over to Brown bread and rice.

Fruit Flavoured Yoghurts

These are found to be usually low in fat but high in sugar which ultimately leads to higher sugar and insulin levels. Whole milk plain yogurt is definitely a more healthy choice for diabetes control and your overall health.

Sugar-Sweetened Beverages

It is probably the worst choice for people with diabetes. Sweet drinks and Sodas are very high in carbs leading to high blood sugar levels. The fructose content, which is on the higher side, has been directly linked to insulin resistance and an increased risk of fatty liver, obesity as also some other diseases.

Trans Fats

Extremely Unhealthy!! Yes, these artificial trans fats are supposed to be very harmful . Trans Fats are made by adding hydrogen to unsaturated fats to stabilize them. Frozen foods, peanut butter, crackers, spreads, margarine, etc; are often laden with these as they help increase the shelf life of a product. Trans fats are responsible for inflammation, belly fat, resistance to insulin and heart diseases.

Dried Fruits

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They are supposed to be a great source of many important minerals and vitamins including potassium and vitamin C. In the process of drying, due to the loss of water, these nutrients get highly concentrated as does the sugar present which again is harmful to a person with diabetes. Therefore it is highly beneficial to for fresh fruits low in sugar and optimal for blood sugar control.

Packaged Snack Foods

Bad Snack Choice!! Generally made from refined flour they have very few nutrients whereas they are full of fast-digesting carbs which lead to increased blood sugar levels. Avoid having these as much as you possibly can.

Fruit Juice

Considered generally to be a healthy drink, it is as bad as other sweetened beverages like soda, etc;. This holds true for even unsweetened juice which in some cases is even higher in sugar and carbs than carbonated drinks. The high content of fructose can really worsen your insulin resistance, alleviate the risk of heart disease and also promote weight gain.

French Fries

If you are a diabetic please stay religiously away from French fries. Potatoes themselves are very full of carbs but once peeled and fried in vegetable oil they spike your blood sugar too much higher levels. They may be instrumental in the risk of cancer, and heart disease, and cause inflammation.  

Similarly, there are various other foods that may be the cause for your increased sugar levels and you must take precautions to avoid them to lead a good healthy life. A little change in your lifestyle will go a long way.

Text by – Sunil Malhotra

Image Credit – PhotoMIX Company

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Team FNH
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