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Sip along at Gomes Bar!

Gomes Bar

Taverns in Goa aren’t merely bars where you can sit and have a drink, each one of them is a storyteller. In Panjim alone, you will find so many of tiny little bars, but, every bar has a different vibe. 

For me, something that I have found common across all bars is their sense of homely feel. Every bar seems inviting and once you settle inside, you get a strong familiarity. There is a heavy dose of comfort that all most all bars in Goa offers. 

They feel like your own. Bars in Goa are usually family businesses and it’s common to see husband-wife duos, father-son duos, or siblings running the place together. This family feeling gets translated to the customers as well and thus the inevitable comfort.

One another such bar that I came across was the Gomes Bar. Located on the Swami Vivekananda Road in Panjim, it’s difficult to miss this one.

Quirky branding on both the outside and inside catches your immediate attention and offers cool vibes to the place. Gomes bar is also a family-run bar and Mrs and Mr Gomes happily take turns managing the place.

It doesn’t have a very big space but offers enough tables for you to grab hold of a few friends and head there for a chilled-out time.

Like every other bar, they have a menu that serves straight pours ranging from Fenny to Whisky, Rum, Gin, Vodka and of course chilled Beers. You can also get some typical Goan nibbles to accompany your drinks and order certain main course dishes like Xacuti etc.

So if you happen to be in that area, drop by Gomes Bar with friends or family and give yourself a taste of local Goa.

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