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Goa Baking Company – A Good Baking Company!

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From being just a hotel cake shop at Marriott Goa Resort & Spa, Goa Baking Company has come a long way. Today it has an identity of its own and people swear by its products and services. Goa Baking Company or GBC as its fondly known started in 2018 under the helm of pastry chef Kalyan Banerjee and the mentorship of Executive Chef Dibyendu Roy.

Kalyan brought his love for baking forward and turned it into art while Chef Dibyendu ensured the quality of the products at every step.

Slowly and steadily, GBC became a household name for ordering cakes, pastries and other tea-time savouries.

It’s been my personal favourite too and whenever I wanna relish a really good cake, GBC is my go-to place.

Goa Baking Company

GBC has a regular menu that includes cakes, pastries, doughnuts, some exotic desserts, savouries and even coffees. It doesn’t have a huge seating space and usually, clients parcel the stuff they like, but trust me, grabbing one of the chairs there and devouring a coffee with a doughnut or croissant will surely elevate your experience.

The savoury items at GBC have a perfect mix of global as well as our local Goan fusion. They were amongst the first ones to bring about a chorizo croissant and married the flaky and soft croissant with a filling of spicy and tangy Goan sausages. And it certainly is a match made in heaven. Some of their other local and global fusions include a Chicken Cafreal Twist and Prawns Balchao Roll and a Manchurian Twist.

I personally loved the Chicken Manchurian Twist, it’s my all-time favourite. I also love the fact that at GBC every customer gets personal attention, and they literally ask the customers what particular dish they would like on the menu. And as per the demand, they do special promotions and let their customers enjoy what they asked for. For instance, they did a special donut promotion in the past wherein a huge variety of donuts was made available and that too at a special price. There were some 8 colourful and delicious flavours of donuts including, the rainbow donut, the peanut butter donut, the lemon meringue donut, red velvet donut, cookies and cream donuts 

Goa Baking Company 2

Then I also remember their Quiche and Pie promotion, which had a wide range of quiches and pies with different fillings and flavours. My personal favourites included Chorizo, Mackerel, Chicken Cafreal and Apple Pie.

The latest promotion from GBC was the mango mania where Chef Kalyan delivered his finest creations. From cakes to desserts, smoothies and shakes, the mango mania was nothing less than a heavenly experience for mango lovers. And the greatest innovation came in blending some off-beat flavours together, for instance, can you imagine coming together of ginger, chocolate and mango to create a beautiful dessert. But Chef Kalyan typically works where our imagination doesn’t even reach and makes them a delectable reality.

These promotions are what keep GBC alive and always kicking. Also, they strictly follow the policy of serving only fresh bakes to their customers. Thus, you will never find a prior day bake on the shelf. They also run a happy hour promotion every day from 9 PM to 10 PM where all that is left for the day can be bought at half the price and they do this to reduce waste and always to offer fresh bakes the next day. They have a special team who bakes every day at 4 AM to ensure the quality and freshness of all bakery items.

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And don’t forget, if you visit GBC on a special day like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Teacher’s Day, you will definitely find some special cakes and pastries to mark the celebration.

And you know what the best part about GBC is, if not cheaper then it surely matches the rates of your neighbourhood bakery. It’s a whole lot easier on your pocket than other five-star hotel bakeries or stand-alone shops. Most things are priced between Rs 100-200 max and I am sure that for assured fresh bakes, this price is a bargain.

So if you still haven’t tried GBC, it’s time. And yes, you can thank me later.

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Restaurant Details

Address: Goa Marriott Resort And Spa, Miramar Beach, Panaji, Goa

Contact: +918322463333, +918750703006

Average Cost

700 for two people (approx.)

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Home Delivery

Takeaway Available

Indoor Seating

Desserts and Bakes

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