The Green Goodness Juice

If you want to start consuming green juice, this is a good place to start. Considering cucumbers and celery are packed with water, they are perfect for juicing.

Whole Wheat, Jaggery and Sesame Cookies

When you have health on your mind and yet wanna indulge in something sweet and delicious, these cookies made of wheat, sesame seeds and jaggery are just perfect.

Is ‘Healthy’ Drinking a Real deal?

Have you been part of the current rage of ‘healthy’ cocktails and drinks? Mixologists and bartenders across the globe have started this trend

Sushila – Wonder Woman of The Real World!

Sushila started working at the age of 8 and since then she knows nothing else but to sell fish. For as long as she can recall, she has been doing the same work.

Get Ready to add some ‘Circa’ to Your Plates!

Circa Pickles & Condiments is a brainchild of Yachika Chopra, who drew inspiration from her late mother’s (Poonam Chopra) recipe journals and decided to showcase them for others to relish.



Must Read

Anmol Ahluwalia – A Journey From Executive Housekeeper to Cluster General Manager

Anmol Ahluwalia, a cluster General Manager at Taj Holiday Village Resort & Spa and Taj Fort Aguada Resort & Spa, is a Hotel Management graduate from the Institute of Hotel Management, Mumbai

5 Mango Recipes That Goans Prepare During The Mango Season

You can eat it when it’s raw and sour, you can savor it when...

Why This is The Best Time to Book Hotel Room For Cheaper Rates in Goa?

With the Pandemic is about to get over, the hospitality industry in Goa has started catching up and this is perhaps the best time for booking your room at cheaper rates in Goa. 


Planet Hollywood Beach Resort, Goa Is Now Fully Covid-19 Compliant

Returning to your beautiful room and plush white sheets after a wholesome day of...

Chef Dibyendu Roy – The Man Who Makes Goa...

Chef Dibyendu Roy is the executive chef at Goa Marriott Resort & Spa. A smiling and cheerful personality that makes every experience at Marriott more enjoyable.

Despite The Increase In Tourists Flow in Goa, Tourism...

This is surprising but true that there has been a constant increase in tourist...

Pleases the Palate but Light on Your Pocket!

If you are feeling peckish and find yourself around the neighbourhood of Saligao, then here’s a pocket-friendly recommendation for a Goan twist to burgers and cutlets.

Goa B-School Along With Culinary College Floats Programme For...

While the whole pandemic situation and time-to-time lockdowns made a huge blow on the...

Now You Can Get Paid For Staying at This...

Good News for the Social Media Influencers across the globe if you happen to visit Aruba’s Boardwalk Hotel island situated in the Caribbean Sea, your stay might get paid for staying there for a month.

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Why should you drink Green Tea?

Over the years Green Tea has become extremely popular. More and more people have added Green Tea to their daily routine. While it started as a simple green tea which needed an acquired taste,

Smaller Hotels In Goa Suffered Pandemic Pinch May Not Open The Doors This Season

With the lifting of several restrictions from the Tourism sector by the State Government,...

Deo Borem Korum From ‘Mog Asun’ Goa’s Newly Found Whisky Love!

Two commonly used greetings by Goans are- Dev borem korum(God bless, or may God do you some good!) and Mog Asuni(Let there be love (between us)- said like a goodbye.

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