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Goa’s Gastronomic Gems: Discovering The Instagram-Worthy Dishes That Will Leave You Craving for More!

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Goa is a state located on the western coast of India, renowned for its beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and delicious cuisine. While Goa has many food joints that offer aesthetically pleasing food, the state also has a rich history of ancient cafes that serve traditional Goan dishes that are equally Instagram-worthy.

These cafes have been around for decades and have a unique charm and character that modern cafes cannot match. The food served in these aesthetic cafes is authentic, flavorful, and colourful, making it perfect for Instagram. Here are some of the must-try dishes from this Foodies-utopia that are Visually stunning.

1. Prawn Rissois 

Prawn Rissois

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Prawn Rissois is a popular dish that is served in many Goan cafes. It is a pastry filled with a creamy prawn filling that is deep-fried until it is golden brown and crispy on the outside.

The dish is usually served with a tangy tomato sauce that complements the creamy filling. The golden colour of the dish and the crispy texture of the pastry makes it a perfect dish for Instagram.

2. Bebinca 


Bebinca is a traditional Goan dessert that is a must-try for anyone with a sweet tooth. It is a layered cake made with coconut milk, sugar, and flour. The cake is cooked layer by layer until it is golden brown and crispy on the outside.

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The dish is usually served with a dollop of vanilla ice cream, which complements the sweet and nutty flavour of the cake. The golden colour of the dish and the layers of the cake make it a perfect dish for Instagram.

3. Fish Thali 

Fish Thali

Fish Thali is a popular dish that is served in many ancient cafes in Goa. It is a meal that consists of a variety of fish dishes like fish curry, fried fish, and fish fry served with steaming hot rice and bread.

The thali also includes sides like pickles, salad, and raita, making it a complete meal. The colourful array of dishes and the variety of flavours make it a Gorgeous Glimpse.

4. Croquettes 


Croquettes are a popular snack that is served in many Goan cafes. They are deep-fried balls filled with a variety of fillings like chicken, pork, beef, and vegetables.

The crispy texture of the croquettes and the colourful fillings make it a Dish that is made for the moment. The dish is usually served with a tangy tomato sauce that complements the filling.

5. Beijinho 


Beijinho is a sweet that is made from coconut and condensed milk. The mixture is rolled into small balls and then coated in coconut flakes. The balls are usually served in small paper cups or arranged on a plate. The white colour of the balls and the texture makes this dish Picture Perfect.

7. Patoleo 


The cone-shaped wrap is also a rare sight in desserts, making Patoleo stand out on any table. As one takes a bite, the soft, sticky texture and the subtle crunch of grated coconut inside create a contrasting experience for the palate and the senses.

Additionally, its cultural significance and traditional roots further enhance its appeal, making Patoleo not only a dessert but a piece of art that evokes a sense of tradition and heritage.

8. Serradura


There are many reasons why Goan serradura is such a visually appealing dessert. First of all, the layering technique used to create the dessert gives it a beautiful and eye-catching presentation. The creamy custard is layered with crunchy biscuit crumbs, creating a delicious and contrasting texture that is sure to grab your attention. Additionally, the dessert is often served in clear glass dishes, allowing you to see all the layers and textures of it. This not only makes the dessert look stunning, but it also adds an element of elegance and sophistication to the dish.

Another reason why Goan serradura is so visually appealing is its rich and golden colour. The caramelised sugar topping gives the dessert a beautiful golden hue that is both warm and inviting. This colour is not only visually stunning, but it also evokes a sense of comfort and familiarity, making the dessert even more appealing.

Final words-

In conclusion, Goa’s cuisine has a wide range of Instagram-worthy dishes that are not only visually appealing but also pack a punch with their unique blend of flavours and spices. From the vibrant and aromatic seafood curries to mouth-watering desserts like Bebinca and Patoleo, Goa has something to offer everyone.

These dishes not only showcase the rich culinary heritage of Goa but also provide a visual feast for foodies all over the world. So next time you are in Goa, be sure to try out these Instagram-worthy dishes and tantalise your taste buds while capturing the perfect shot for your Instagram feed!

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Team FNH
Team FNH
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