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Facewood Barrel Fired Whisky: Elevating Halloween Elegance in Your Glass


Celebrate Halloween in style with Facewood Barrel Fired whisky, a luxurious addition to your spirits collection. While the typical witch or ghost costumes are classics, this season, let’s take a cue from pop culture trends to make your Halloween extraordinary.

In the heart of Goa, the nation’s ultimate party destination, the reduction of duties on liquor by the Goa government has made partying even better. Embrace the spook-tacular atmosphere with Facewood Barrel Fired whisky, one of Goa’s most sought-after choices for revelry.

Imagine hosting a ghostly gathering with Facewood; it’s sure to create a fang-tastic Halloween experience. The Facewood Skull Bottle, a true work of art, is bound to leave you spellbound. While they might not be real skulls, these captivating bottles are certainly brimming with spirit.

The best alcoholic beverages are those that you’ll take pride in displaying on your home bar and serving to your guests. These bottles often feature unique shapes, captivating colors, or are crafted from exquisite materials that you’d love to showcase. In essence, they are bottles you’d want to keep as collectibles rather than discard. Facewood Barrel-fired whisky, from the esteemed Cheers Group in Goa, falls into this category.

It’s a well-known fact that people are drawn to beautifully designed alcohol bottles more than plain ones. Despite the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover,” when it comes to liquor bottles, our first impression often hinges on their aesthetic appeal.

Dr. Mohan Krishna, the founder of Cheers Group, notes, “At the end of the day, people want a memorable gift that’s going to make an impression. You’ll find that and more if the whisky inside is awesome.”

Facewood Barrel-fired whisky, with its iconic skull-shaped bottle, made a striking entry into the market as the first ultra-premium whiskey of its kind. The whiskey itself is as exceptional as its packaging, having been aged in oak barrels to create a signature blend that maximizes its flavor profile. This extraordinary blend truly redefines the meaning of the term “spirit.”

Ashwin Balivada, Executive Director at Cheers Group, points out, “With its secret formula inside, the Facewood bottle is as fancy as it gets. The design, with its jagged, crystal-like appearance, is a true head-turner that will undoubtedly take center stage on your bar cart.”

Dr. Divya Balivada, Global Creative Director at Cheers Group, adds, “The Facewood iconic liquor bottle is elegantly designed in a ‘skull-ful’ manner, making it a must-have for collectors worldwide. It’s a work of art in its own right.”

Elevate your Halloween festivities with the bold and dramatic Facewood Skull Head outstanding glass decanter, a unique addition to any bar. Sip your spirits like a pirate with this eerie skull-themed decanter, making it a perfect choice for Halloween-themed parties. Facewood will undoubtedly make you stand out and be the talk of the town.

Ashwin further notes, “Facewood is an innovative brand that offers a unique lifestyle experience tailored to a discerning clientele. Our goal is to provide a product range and an atmosphere so distinctive that our customers naturally connect with the brand and are inclined to make a purchase.”

For a limited time, the Facewood 750 ml decanter is available at a special price, making this rare whisky bottle an affordable addition to your ever-expanding collection. Your friends will be convinced you spent much more than you actually did, and you’ll relish a sip or two of this exceptional blended whisky from the must-have Skull bottle. Experience the high spirits and say cheers to Halloween done the Facewood way.

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