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Elevate your Sundowners with Goan Charlie at Doce at Hilton Goa Resort

Hilton Goa Resort

The charm of Goa lies as much in its onshore breeze and surreal views as it does in its cuisine and cultural experiences. Nestled atop the Saipe Hills, Doce at Hilton Goa Resort brings you a unique sophisticated experience of the perfect Hi-Tea with their Goan Charlie.

Doce, the open-air cafe inspired by the quaint Portuguese-style architecture has an elegant ambience and will serve the Goan Charlie, a 3 tier stand of local savoury and sweet bites that are both familiar and unfamiliar – but, most of all, ideal for you to luxuriate in a dreamy sundowner with a stunning panoramic view of the setting sun, Nerul river, and surrounding fields.

The signature bites for Goan Charlie are inspired by the menu of The Poder Chronicles, a flagship event at Hilton Goa Resort which aims to support and revive the Poder community and the Poder culture, which is at the heart of the Goan culinary tapestry. The concept showcases the local Goan bread and its various versions by presenting a diverse selection of meat-infused breads, with vegan options as a bonus.

A three-tiered culinary adventure filled with tantalizing flavors’ and aromas, the Goan Charlie showcases an array of signature delicacies such as Balchao in Saipem, Vegetable & Mushroom Xacuti Croissant Sandwich, Maka Kullyo Zai and Cafreal Chicken Croissant Sandwich in the top tier; the Avo’s Kankon and Mumbai Balchao Potato Crostini in the middle tier alongside Pork a Que and Richado prawn open face toastie, whereas Akela, Serra Dora and Bebinca in the bottom tier.

While the savories are sure to delight your palate, the desserts will take you on a journey of pure indulgence. Alongside this, one can also savor other small bites like Zapiekanka, Faux poie, Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese and Bagel, and Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich, among others from the à la carte menu of the charming cafe.

‘Doce’ means ‘sweet’ in Portuguese and staying true to its name, where you can also enjoy an assortment of artisanal teas from Tea Swan, single estate coffees and various editions of Hot Chocolates while relishing the three-tiered Goan Charlie with distinctive vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian signature dishes curated by the culinary team at the luxurious resort.

The fresh air, natural lighting and breathtaking views of the Nerul river lend the cafe a calm Goan vibe. Make the most of your evenings set beside the picturesque sunsets and amp up your Cream Tea experience at Doce.

When: 5 pm onwards

Where: Doce, Hilton Goa Resort

Price:  Goan Charlie at Doce 499 ++

Goan Charlie at Doce with unlimited Artisan Tea by Tea Swan 699 ++

Contact: +91 9607975931

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