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Benefits of Drinking Coconut Water; It Can Help in Adding Extra Years to Your Lifespan

Benefits of Drinking gTender Coconut

Coconut water is a source of many useful minerals for the body than just a refreshing water. More and more people prefer to drink the coconut water compared to the aerated soft drinks to quench the thirst. A glass of coconut water can be refreshing, high in minerals and free from Cholesterol and it provides the tons of energy. 

The growing demand of the tender coconut water made it more expensive with the time and out of the reach of the common man. Popularly known as knows as Mother Nature’s Sports Drink, 

It costs anywhere between 60 to 100 rupees a glass.

Athletes and celebrities are endorsing the super drink that promises to keep you hydrated and aids hangovers too. Moreover, it is believed to have positive results with diseases like kidney stones and cancers.

The presence of the natural resources in the coconut water makes it a first choice of Athletes and Fitness freaks. Unlike the other artificial drinks this is a clear clear liquid derived from the centre of the fruit containing fewer calories than most of the sports drinks available on the shelf of the supermarkets. 

Although the coconut water is a natural source of minerals but you have to make sure that you don’t overdo the consumption of the same as anything in access is bad for the body regardless of how healthier it is. Let us take a look at some of the Benefits of consumption of a Tender Coconut Water.  

It Has a Natural Source of Electrolytes 

The human body is made up of 90% water and when we start losing the water from the body due to infection or sickness the body becomes weak and reduces the capacity of electrolysis making it prone to fatality and that is the reason the patients are prescribed to drink coconut water post serious infections or major surgeries. 

The coconut water is one of the natural source of Electrolytes and thus event the sportsmen prefer to have it over the sports beverages such as Gatorade which contains added sugar, artificial sweeteners, and food colouring. The studies have revealed that coconut water performs as good as traditional sports beverages and drinks to replenish fluids post run or workout.

Good For The Weight Loss

Losing weight and keeping fit is the mantra of the new generation and in this the consumption of coconut water can be an added advantage. It has a fewer calories, not fats which is a major contributor for the fat loss. You can consume a very good amount of coconut water without the fear of gaining weight and it has appetite-suppressant properties that keep you fuller for longer.

It Improves Your Skin Tone 

Skincare is getting popular amongst the youngsters who are dwelling day in and day out on the social media and according to the research the coconut water is a wonderful natural remedy for acne and blemishes. You can topically apply coconut water on the skin and it gradually clears up skin problems to give you an even and glowing skin. It also has natural moisturising properties.

It Helps in Improving Digestion

The high content of fibre in the coconut water helps in improving your digestive health. The presence of fibre also helps in reducing the acid reflux created by the consumption of an oily and spicy foods. Drinking one glass of coconut water may help you in keeping your stomach healthy. 

Excellent Source of Important Minerals 

Our body needs a daily supply of minerals to keep functioning and that supply we get from our daily food diets. The coconut water is a major source of Potassium, magnesium and Calcium that helps to regain the energy lost during the hectic days work. According to the studies, just one glass of coconut water can give you as much as four Bananas. As mentioned earlier in the article potassium helps in maintaining the electrolyte and fluid balance in the body, lost during a workout, run or exercise. 

The Magnesium and Calcium works together to keep the body functioning healthy. Calcium is important for the bones and teeth and it also helps in improving your muscular health and contraction. The Magnesium helps potassium and calcium function properly to help in muscle relaxation and contraction. It is equally effective for energy production and provides support to your organ functions.

The Power House of Antioxidants

Antioxidants helps in reducing the impacts of the free radicals on the muscle during exercise and it also neutralises the oxidative stress resulted from the workouts. But you have to make sure that you consume only fresh coconut water directly from the tender coconut to get maximum amount of Antioxidants.     

A Good Source of Cytokinins 

Cytokinins are the hormones that promote plant growth and development. It is naturally found in coconut water and it has cancer-fighting properties. In addition, it is a natural anti-agent compound.

A Source of Amino Acids 

Amino Acid plays a major role in repairing tissues and it also helps in building the blocks of protein which in turn helps in muscle development. The coconut water is a good source of amino acids like serine, cysteine, arginine, and alanine. It is also a major source of the infamous arginine amino acid that helps with stress response. Arginine also maintains the heart health.

It Helps in Stabilising the Blood Pressure

According to the study, imbalance in electrolyte contents in the body may lead to high blood pressure. Coconut water contains bountiful of all the essential electrolytes to balance the body and lower blood pressure levels.

The Conclusion 

The bottomline is, the coconut water is a refreshing health drink. However, an ordinary roadside drink, it provides essential nutrients to the body to keep you hydrated after a sweaty and hard workout. Swap your traditional sugar-laden sports drinks with coconut water for best results. 

Photo Credits :  Anna Tarazevich and Rachel Claire 

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