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Planet Hollywood Beach Resort, Goa Is Now Fully Covid-19 Compliant

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Returning to your beautiful room and plush white sheets after a wholesome day of sightseeing and chilling at the beach… Going to the spa later that day to drown all the remote working chaos in the lilting music, and treating yourself to a great massage… Enjoying a scrumptious meal of the choicest seafood in the perfect ambiance and in the company of your loved ones. Are you sighing at this idea already?

Well, you don’t have to any longer. You’re in luck! Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Goa is now fully Covid-19 compliant! The pandemic had forced us all indoors and left us longing for a great vacation. Now, despite eased restrictions traveling comes off as a tedious experience more than fun because of all the countless precautions you must take…

But the team at Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Goa understands this very well. And they are determined to take that load off your shoulders so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy! Keeping in mind the risks involved during these times, and the apprehensions of travelers, the resort has evolved top-notch protocols to welcome you to a clean, safe, and sanitized environment.

Their pursuit begins right at the arrival of the guests- welcoming them in true Indian style with a humbling namaste while maintaining a physical distance. A kiosk is stationed at the entrance of the spacious lobby with hand sanitizer/disinfectant wipes and disposable masks. Floor markers have been put in place in the lobby as reminders for guests to maintain social distancing.

At the time of checking-in, guests’ luggage is also passed through a disinfection routine to be extra sure. Room keys are thoroughly sanitized before changing hands. The mandatory temperature checks every time guests enter the premises are, of course, now ritualistic. This includes first-time arrivals as well as guests who have already commenced their stay.

Understanding the worries and panic that even minor discomfort to health can cause in light of the given situation, guests running a temperature of more than 99°F will be met by a hotel doctor to provide medical assistance and advise further course of action. The resort is concerned not just with precautionary measures but also with your health and safety for the entire duration of your stay.

As a precautionary measure, rooms are allocated to new guests only after 72 hours of previous guest check-out. In addition to this, every room is equipped with hand sanitizers and face masks. The housekeeping team will clean and sanitize every room each day unless requested otherwise.

Rooms are painstakingly cleaned with immense attention to detail. All fixtures and furniture, doors and handles, sockets, and electrical appliances in the room are thoroughly disinfected and linens are sent for laundry. Heavy curtains, sheer curtains, blinds, rugs, upholstered furniture, and headboard cladded with fabric will be deep cleaned after every departure. So you can rest assured while commencing your stay, that you have an almost brand new room.

The resort has a host of famous restaurants within its own premises, so guests would not have to worry about dining at new places. You can always head right back to the safe and trusted confines of the resort. Whether you are looking for exotic or comfort food, the resort has a restaurant for every mood.

Planet Hollywood Room

‘Planet Dailies’ is the dainty and lavish restaurant serving International, Far East and Asian treats right from breakfast options to dinner. You can head to ‘Poseidon’s Cove’ to enjoy some fresh delectable seafood while enjoying the vistas of the magnificent ocean. The only “catch” (pun intended) here is, they offer an authentic beachside dining experience and are therefore closed during the monsoon months. ‘Fame’ is their hot-spot resto lounge serving some great Western and Asian Cuisine over the poolside and portico. Apart from this, the resort also has the Heart Bar and Transit Bar featuring a large variety of cocktails, vodka and other spirits brought to you by Planet Hollywood’s expert bartenders.

While you enjoy your meals at any of these classy settings, you can focus on just having a nice time without worrying. All the restaurants follow social distancing norms, and place settings have been organized accordingly. Tables are kept a minimum of 6 feet apart from each other. Tables and chairs are also disinfected thoroughly after every guest’s use.

Bartenders, baristas, and other service staff will wear and frequently change disposable gloves throughout. Equipment such as coffee machines, ice crusher machines, ice machine doors, induction surfaces, cutlery trolleys, cookie containers, tea selection boxes, etc. will be sanitized on a frequent basis.

The resort is so meticulous in ensuring your safety that they have set the policy of keeping entrance doors to the restaurants open. If the door needs to be kept shut, assistance will be offered so guests do not have to touch handles.

In addition to all these arrangements, the resort also provides the option of in-room dining which most guests will find more convenient. The resort will strictly ensure contact-less delivery of food. The trolleys and warmers used for room service will be cleaned and disinfected after every use. Any canned beverages will be opened by the serving staff only after seeking the guests’ permission. Room service staff will also wear face shields and carry hand sanitizers apart from masks and gloves.

A vaccination drive for all the employees is already underway, and the entire team is set to be covered in no time. By and large, the entire staff on the premises will maintain protocols such as social distancing and wearing of face masks and gloves at all times. They are subjected to routine temperature checks every day at the entry/exit points.

Additionally, all staff has the Arogya Setu app installed in their handsets. Hotel cars are thoroughly sanitized before guest use, and the driver will always be wearing gloves & face masks. As far as payments are concerned, guests who wish to pay via an online payment gateway would have the option of a QR barcode scan wherein they settle their bills and check out hassle-free.

In this manner, the resort takes care of your every need right from arrival to departure and ensures you have a stress-free stay. Guests can also head to the gymnasium, gift store and spa in the resort which is all kept safe and well-sanitized.

With this exhaustive and impressive list of protocols enforced by the resort, it is amply clear that there is no greater priority for the folks at Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Goa than the safety and comfort of their guests. The Covid-19 safety & hygiene measures are being rigorously followed to the T to safeguard your well-being and guarantee you the best vacation. The resort is determined to provide its guests all the comforts and perks with the utmost concern for their safety and hygiene.

So why wait? Don’t put off your holiday plans for “when everything settles down”, and make those bookings right now! The perfect holiday filled with relaxation and fun awaits you at Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Goa!

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