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Now You Can Get Paid For Staying at This Mesmerising Hotel For a Month

Aruba Boardwalk Hotel

Whoever is picked to be the “Social Media Resident” at Aruba’s ( an island in the Caribbean Sea) Boardwalk Hotel will live a life of fantasy.

Being a former coconut plantation located 656 feet from the famous Palm Beach. It boasts landscaped tropical gardens and an outdoor pool. Along with fully equipped kitchenettes/kitchens, flat-screen TVs, and air conditioning in all rooms, the patios have charcoal grills and hammocks, as well as an outdoor pool, hot tub, and cushioned lounge areas. Free use of palapa-covered beach chairs, snorkeling equipment, children’s toys, and, of course,

Every week, there is a rum punch party in the backyard.

The boutique hotel is looking for a social media content creator to spend a month on the island as part of a residency program (with the option to extend).

According to the hotel’s press release, the chosen candidate will receive airfare to Aruba, free lodging at the Boardwalk Hotel, a rental car, and a monthly allowance. The social media resident can also work, play, and stay on the island for up to three months thanks to Aruba’s One Happy Workation program.

The peaceful 14-room independently owned property, tucked behind three massive Marriott properties, is and always has been an oasis of calm. Folks at the hotel can choose from 46 chic cabanas set in wildly photogenic and lush gardens with plenty of exotic flowers thrown into the mix. 

The rooms, like the facade, are brightly colored, with bold Caribbean-inspired shades like pink corals and tropical blue furnishings. Casitas also features comfortable white beds, sitting areas, kitchenettes, and outdoor seating areas. Some even have standalone soaking tubs and plunge pools, perfect for a solo dip. There’s also a “hidden” beach nearby that the owners recommend because they know the local gossip.

The relaxed, easygoing pace that runs throughout the rest of the island is easily visible from the moment you arrive. There are always plenty of places to relax with a beer and a book, such as under the large palapa or in the yard, next to fresh herb plants. The lack of a restaurant and activities on-site contributes to the tranquil atmosphere here. The constant trade winds rustle the tropical vegetation, so it’s never completely silent.

Because the job allows them to stay in each of the seven casita categories, the social media resident will get to see it all. A hidden gem of a boutique hotel that caters to a relaxed, adventure sports crowd. The terrace that surrounds the pool is elegant, with wooden lounge chairs and brightly colored cushions. The job also allows the employee to visit the beach, the pool, the hotel’s food and beverage options, and other amenities.

“If taking photos and videos is your passion, content creation under palm trees your dream, and having your content being shared with an international following is your goal, then apply for this job opportunity with residency in Aruba,” reads the statement put out by the hotel.

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