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ITC Launches one-stop Destination app For Hotel and Restaurant Reservations

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ITC Hotel Group has launched an all-in-one integrated app that will allow guests to access services such as room reservations, restaurant reservations, food delivery and takeaway, loyalty membership essentials, and more across ITC Hotels, Welcome Hotels, and select Fortune Hotels. This ITC Hotels App enables people to book their stay at over 55 hotels.

In an effort to increase digital focus and keep up with seamlessly changing consumer preferences, and hospitality, major ITC Hotels has launched this app to provide guests with a one-stop destination from room to restaurant reservations, gourmet food delivery to takeaways, and loyalty membership management, the hotel announced on Wednesday.

The ITC Hotels App allows guests to book their stay at over 55 hotels and resorts using a simple process that provides them with the best rates. Club ITC members can also save up to 10% on room reservations by using Club ITC exclusive member rates, as well as earn and redeem 500 bonus Green Points for materialized room reservations as an exclusive limited time offer Green Points for direct bookings. According to the company, the app will allow customers to book stays in approximately 55 of its hotels and resorts. According to the company’s press release, business travellers can also use the app to book stays at their organisations’ contracted corporate rates, making the whole reservation process hassle-free and easily accessible at all times.

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Anil Chadha, Divisional Chief Executive, ITC Hotels, stated, “The new ITC Hotels mobile app is a natural progression for the brand that prides itself on moving with the times and serving its customers in the most modern and efficient way possible. We are living in a digital world and want our guests to enjoy the ITC Hotels experience with the convenience, efficiency, innovative and interactive interface that the new ITC Hotels app offers, along with multiple benefits and privileges.”

The app allows for food delivery and takeaway in 14 cities: Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Goa, Agra, Jaipur, Vadodara, Amritsar, Coimbatore, and others (Bhubaneswar and Guntur coming soon).

Whether it’s a leisurely lunch, coffee with friends, or a special dinner, or order home your favourites from the iconic cuisine brands via Gourmet Couch – ITC Hotels pan India food delivery initiative via the App, there are a plethora of options just a click away. Guests can order through a Common Cart, which allows them to order from multiple signature menus in one order, order combos, or select from curated set menus.

The app will offer table reservations at about 75 of its restaurants.

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For those interested in obtaining a new Club ITC membership, the App allows for quick and easy registration, welcoming them to take advantage of the membership benefits. It manages their accounts on their phones and keeps track of their points, transactions, tier status, and other information as well. On eligible orders, gift a meal, or schedule appointments guests can use the new App to earn and redeem Club ITC points.

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