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Goa Gets a Taste of Oaksmith, The Truly International Indian Blended Whisky by Beam Suntory

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The global premium spirits company Beam Suntory recently launched Oaksmith, its first IMFL whisky brand, in Goa and has received an extremely positive response since the launch. The truly International Indian whisky, the first of its kind, is made by blending the finest premium aged single malt scotches of Scotland and the smoothest aged Kentucky straight Bourbons from the US – some from distilleries over 200 years old – using world-class Japanese craftsmanship and precision.

The flavor profile of this impeccable premium whisky on the palate is mild but at the same time is woody from the oaks casks. On the nose, it is richly fruity and has a sweet top note followed by a hint of smoke (peat). On the finish, it is clean and smooth, making it very delightful. It is perfectly suited to tickle the taste buds of connoisseurs and beginners alike.

The blend of Oaksmith has a fine balance of smokiness, sweetness, and smoothness, that was crafted by world-renowned Shinji Fukuyo – Chief Blender at Suntory, the founding house of Japanese Whisky, who has also created iconic Japanese whiskies such as Yamazaki and Hibiki.

He spent hours meticulously selecting aged spirits, checking oak barrels, and truly matching it to the local palate, he traveled across the length and breadth of India to understand the nuances of Indian food and flavors and what could match perfectly with them. 

Oaksmith Gold’ was first launched in the states of Maharashtra and Telangana in December 2019 and after receiving an overwhelming response and appreciation, both the variants were made available in the state of  West Bengal in October 2020. Continuing to grow its fondness and appreciation amongst consumers, Oaksmith made its debut in the enchanting state of Goa to charm the whisky lovers in India’s most popular holiday destination.

This beautifully crafted whisky blends well into any cocktail and pairs with almost all flavor profiles of different cuisines. With this elegant, smooth, refined whisky finally launching in Goa, it is time to whip up a collection of fun, colorful cocktails inspired by the exuberance and cultural nuances of the sunshine state. You can easily create these cocktails at home and with each sip, you will reminisce about Goa and its charm. 

Bebinca Flip

This drink marries the classic and much-loved Portuguese dessert – The Bebinca – to one of the oldest styles of cocktail families – the flip – to create a luscious drink, much like its Goan counterpart. 


  • Oaksmith Gold 50ml
  • Coconut cream 25ml
  • Small egg whole 1no
  • Jaggery Syrup 25ml
  • Vanilla essence 2drops
  • A pinch of nutmeg powder for garnish


  • Coupe or cocktail


  • Add all the ingredients, except the Oaksmith® Gold and the nutmeg powder, to the shaker and shake it hard, without ice, to emulsify the ingredients and create a froth. This is known as a dry shake. Now add ice, the measure of Oaksmith® Gold and shake the drink once again. Fine strain into a chilled coupe glass.
  • Garnish with a pinch of nutmeg powder.

Miss Nimbupani

Inspired by the Rajni Nimbupani – Or Miss Nimbupani – as she was popularly known, lived through the famous works of one of Goa’s most famous sons – Mario De Miranda. Inspired by this endearing character, who frequently appeared in Miranda’s works, the drink brings in the ‘nimbu’ element by using Bilimbi, a popular tart fruit found in Goa.


  • Oaksmith® Gold 50ml
  • Bilimbi juice 60ml 
  • Honey water 30ml 
  • Sparkling water to top up
  • Ice


  • Collins or Any tall glass


  • Add the Oaksmith® Gold, Bilimbi juice and honey water into a tall glass over ice, stir well to mix. Top with sparkling water.
  • Garnish with an edible flower and a small slice of bilimbi. 

Patrao’s Siesta

If you are ever walking down the quaint streets in the ‘Portuguese’ parts of the city of Panjim, it’ll be hard to miss a Patrao – the local word for landlord or boss – perhaps grabbing an afternoon siesta, in the verandah of his villa. Some of Goa’s most endearing sights are made up of brightly coloured buildings with red roofs, reminiscent of Portuguese influences in its local architecture. The drink will have two distinct colours – yellow & red – to represent the colours of a typical goan villa. 


  • Oaksmith® Gold 50ml
  • Goan Port wine 10ml
  • Passion fruit pulp 20ml
  • Orange juice 30ml
  • Ice 


  • Old fashioned 


  • Shake all the ingredients except the port wine, together in a shaker full of ice and strain over one big piece of ice in an old-fashioned glass.
  • Now gently pour the port wine over the drink so that it floats, creating a red layer on top. 

Oaksmith Gold’ brings Japanese mastery – otherwise a super-premium and luxurious phenomenon – to Indian whisky price points to elevate the product experience many notches above the standard segment offering. The two variants of the product – Oaksmith® Gold and Oaksmith International – will be priced at INR 630 and INR 335 for 750ml bottles in Goa. Both the variants will be premium in their respective categories due to the international quality of blend and craftsmanship they offer. 

Drink responsibly

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