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Diet Wait, The Goan Food is on My Plate

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The more you explore Goan food, the more varieties are going to get revealed like layers in front of you, and believe me this is going to leave you rubbing your head with two questions- What to taste first? and How should I stop myself? I don’t know about you but I love travelling to offbeat places- soothing atmospheres, quaint architecture, and most importantly spicy-sweet combination variety with food. 

I was one of those people who knew Goa only till Calangute beach and nothing else, but that day while having a plate of Chicken Croquettes in front of me, made this thing strike in my mind that there are a lot more things beyond beaches in goa. Now I have that flavourful collage of the best stories for all the food lovers (not, especially because this article is going to make you one).

Origin of Goan Cooking

Goan cuisine holds the tag of a unique blend of Portuguese and Indian cooking styles, as the history of Goa is filled with a diverse variety of cultures. The three main communities are- Hindu, Muslim, and Christian, that’s how we get to see this diverse variety. The creation of Goan cuisine is initially influenced by the Konkani cooking style and Bahamani Nawabi tradition, and later on, it was elaborated by the Portuguese, as they ruled Goa for 451 years. Goa has been blessed with different types of spices since the beginning. When the Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama came to Goa, The Portuguese started trading with India for spices and the food items like Tomatoes, Potatoes, cashew, pineapple, bread, vinegar, and different kinds of meats were introduced in return. In the year 1510, Portuguese General Albuquerque captured the lands of Goa from the Sultan of Bijapur.

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Portuguese has left a permanent mark on Goan cuisine and culture. The people and chefs here make use of all their liberty while using-

  • Rice
  • Fish
  • Cashew nuts
  • Vinegar
  • Coconut
  • Kokum
  • Spices

Along with that, every Goan recipe has four crucial elements- sweetness, sourness, spice, and salt. Apart from the Portuguese the Goan Christians also see a culinary influence from Saraswat, Konkani, British, and a few south Indian cuisine.

Some Places and things you must taste there

The way to the heart is through the stomach- yes! And that’s true. Also, we can’t stop obsessing over the fact that Goa has a lot more to offer with its deliciousness. Everyone who is planning a trip to Goa automatically thinks of SeaFood at first. And Why not? Obviously, authentic Goan Cuisine starts with Seafood.  Now here are some must-try things in Goa to decorate your memories with layers of charm and flavours- the part where cravings speed up.

Copperleaf – Panjim

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Copperleaf is holding the crown of Goa’s most loved multi-cuisine restaurant. If you are looking to treat your loved ones to the best culinary experience, Copperleaf is the top recommendation. The staff members are very hospitable and the restaurant has taken complete care of customers with special health conditions. Furthermore, looking forward to the ambience, the interior, the greenery décor, and the soothing atmosphere makes every moment feel luxurious.

The taste melts in the heart- Copperleaf offers an exquisite range of Mughlai, North Indian, Chinese, and authentic Goan Cuisine.  The manager of the Restaurant Mr Vinu George guides you through the best order recommendations. The texture, taste, colour, and consistency are perfectly balanced to have an ultimate soul-satisfying meal.

All the perfect endings have to do with sweetness and Copperleaf brings an exact fit there too. Serra durra, Caramel Pudding, and Gulab jamun bring along the best end.

Address: Ground Floor, Esmeralda Casa de Povo St. Inez, Taleigao, Panaji, Goa 403001

Phone: 091750 18461

Fisherman’s Wharf – Mobor

Fisherman’s Warf is a beautiful restaurant in Cavelossim South Goa set by the Banks of river Sal. It has all the magic of local cuisine with a best restaurant tag. The charismatic ambience and wide range of seafood Choices touches your heart.  Menu here is the palate of pleasing flavours and dishes are the ultimate work of art because every food item here is gorgeously served.

It is a multi-cuisine restaurant. The Asian and International culinary options are equally best. But most of its best known for its Authentic Goan Options. The great Food, the impeccable hospitality, and best ever atmosphere, offers the scoop of typical Goan feeling for everyone who walks in.

Sometimes they also have a collaborative live music band to make the visit even more blissful.

The location of Fisherman’s Warf is outstanding because of its great waterfront Views. It keeps the perfect Romantic yet aesthetic Date Destination because of its Typical Portuguese house setting, warm wooden interior and stunning lights décor too.

It’s highly recommended that you do not forget to wrap up your meal without some best desserts like Fisherman’s Warf traditional apple pie, Blueberry cheesecake or Seradurra.

Address: At The Riverside, Goa 403731
Phone: 090110 18866

Spicy Goa – Patto Panaji

Spicy goa is the perfect destination for Foodies, it is Nestled in the Hustling lanes of Patto. This place’s main focus is on giving the Best food ever accompanying its Ambience. When in goa do not miss out this awesome perfectly kept seafood joint. When they say Fresh fish, they mean it for sure, all the Fish and spices are handpicked which give the Food here the fresh aromatic taste.

The place is best-known for its Authentic Goan options and Seafood choices. But it is also fabulously known for its Chicken and Mutton kababs. Apart from all these too, the Asian section of the menu card is flavourful too. Trust me you shouldn’t miss out on that!

The masala used in the Fish thali here is called Recheado masala, where all the spices are roasted and ground with vinegar, which marinates the fish Richly. The Fish is later Coated and Fried with all love along.

Address:  Vrindavan Chambers, near Swapna Hotel Patto, Panjim 403001 India
Phone: +91 88063 98487

Wrapping up

So how are you planning your eating list this time in Goa? Food is something that we are never bored of. Also, the best-known authentic cuisine is always a magnetic topic itself. I am sure that you are tempted by these recommendations. So, what are you waiting for? Take a break and plan a Goa trip with your loved ones. The tropical atmosphere of Goa and the tempting food are all the way waiting to welcome you.

Team FNH
Team FNH
Food & Hospitality Team works day and night to get you some of the best culinary experiences from across the state of Goa. If you wish to get featured into this portal, please share your details at [email protected]

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